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    Profoto Camera App Features

    • Point and shoot with automatic exposure and flash power based on the surrounding conditions
    • Go between natural and dramatic images with a swipe of your finger.
    • Manual mode for full control over power and exposure
    • In app Video Tutorials on everything from including portrait, selfie, and flat-lay lighting.
    • Adjust color temperature from warm to cool (3000-6500K)
    • Control your light remotely when shooting with a DSLR or mirrorless camera
    • Operating systems: iPhone 7 or later running on iOS 11 or later
    • Connection: Bluetooth
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    Why Off-Camera Flash Matters

    Off-camera lighting is an advanced technique that pro photographers use to illuminate subjects in creative ways, from making people pop in dark environments to creating dramatic directional shadows that look downright surreal.

    Off-camera sync flashes typically rely on advanced connections with cameras to fire at precise times and for set shutter speed durations. These powerful lights create fill lighting that transforms a scene without the harsh, flat lighting and red eye effect of weaker and less sophisticated in-camera flashes. On smartphones, everything has to be even smaller and take into consideration battery life, usability, and design. While the built in flash/flashlights are often impressively bright, they lack the sophistication or quality of light required to generate convincing flash effects for artful images.

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    Smart Flash for Smartphones

    The C1 and C1 Plus both pair with Profoto’s app (currently iOS-only) to provide a variety of sync speed and flash strength controls as well as pro-level flash synchronization. Thanks to the magic of LEDs, the app also allows you to adjust the color temperature of the light produced by the flash, which is a feature that high-end off-camera flashes have only debuted in the last few years.

    The round shape and thoughtfully laid-out internal LEDs provide for a natural light pattern that yields gorgeous flash results. The C1 also functions as a continuous light for shooting video or illuminating the background of a photo scene, delivering 40 minutes of continuous light or 2,000 flash fires at maximum brightness. A full USB-C charge takes two hours, which is a revelation for those of us who remember the old days

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    Color Gels for Creativity

    Historically, photographers had to use color gels for everything from white balance correction to experimental photography. With the magnetic color gels from Profoto, you can magnetically click colors onto the C1 to create unique lighting effects. In conjunction with the in-app light temperature control, the possibilities are endless.

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    Profoto C1 and C1 Plus Review - Contrasted image of top-down food photography.

    C1 vs C1 Plus?


    • 4 warm and 3 cool LEDs
    • Max 1000 lumens

    C1 Plus

    • 10 warm and 10 cool LEDs
    • Max 4300 lumens
    • Compatible with light shaping tools like Clic Gels, Grids and Domes
    • Compatible with all Profoto AirTTL Remotes
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