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    Well Loved. Well Reviewed.

    "Moment's MTW Backpack is a great little everyday bag. The compartment that houses the camera (and the optional MTW Camera Insert) is quickly accessible from the side without needing to take the pack off, though go for the 21-liter size instead of the 17L if you have a lot of gear..."

    Wired Review

    Great For Tech (without the tech look)

    From the outside, you’d never know this is a tech bag. On the inside, it’s all about your tech.

    A dedicated pocket fits up to a 16” laptop in both the 17L and the 21L versions. Simple organization for chargers, mice, headphones, notebooks, keys, and even sunglasses. Sized perfectly to fit our Tech Organizers and even our Camera Insert to carry a mirrorless setup and extra lens. Low-profile padding on impact points throughout the bag provides protection without the bulk. Your gear is safe with us.

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    Made To Fit

    Creatives come in all heights, so we wanted to make sure our bags worked for everyone. By studying the frames of various size people, we designed the bags to sit comfortably in the center of your back whether you are tall or small. The straps went through multiple iterations of adjusting the shape, cut, padding, and thickness until we ended up with a tailored fit that works well for all genders. The bag comes in two sizes, so whether you’re small or tall, we’ve got one that works for you.

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    Comfortable All Day

    Cush comfort foam and soft mesh line the straps, making them comfortable on bare skin. Straps are precisely cut to fit both men and women. Hyper-adjustable sternum strap adds extra support. A ventilated back panel with elevated mesh creates airflow channels helping reduce back sweat. We have also included a luggage pass-through for easy traveling.

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    Camera Ready

    Our MTW Camera Insert fits perfectly into the main pouch, giving you quick, padded access to your daily photo/video gear. Unlike other large, bulky camera cubes, this one is just big enough to carry your essential kit and leave room for other gear in your bag.

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    Your Go-To Bag

    You have a lot of bags for different situations. They are all great, but there's always one that stands out, the one that you grab without thinking because it will probably do the job most of the time. The MTW Backpack is designed to be this bag. A lovable all-rounder companion in your everyday life.

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    Your Travel Buddy

    The MTW Backpack features a luggage pass-through, so you can easily and safely stack it on your roller suitcase while running around an airport. The backpack is super comfortable, but let's face it sometimes your back does need a break and a breather.

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