Variable ND Filters - Open Box

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Variable ND Filters - Open Box

    We’ve shot with a lot of Variable ND filters. They were either too expensive or the quality wasn’t there. None of them hit the sweet spot on affordability, functionality, and quality… so we made our own.

    Available as a 2-5 stop or 6-9 stop, Moment Variable ND filters are the secret sauce to controlling your exposure. Made with premium Schott B270 Pro Cinema Glass, these filters are crisp edge to edge without color fringing or cross polarization. The filter rings are precision machined from aerospace grade metal, delivering the durability we expect when shooting. Our Variable ND Filters also feature a unique flared geometry unlike anything else on the market, allowing you to see your ND number from behind the viewfinder. This provides fast, precise control over your shots in tricky lighting, without moving from behind the camera. Made to shoot on the go, the filters also feature hard stops at both ends of the range to prevent unwanted cross polarization for the cleanest image possible.

    Open Box - This item was bought brand new by a previous customer and returned without being used. The product is blemish-free and includes all original accessories in the box. The product may be repackaged or in the original packaging. Because the item has been shipped to a customer and back, the external packaging is likely damaged.

    Packaging: original or repackaged.

    Warranty: 12 months

    Return Timeline: non-returnable

    Note: The displayed images are illustrations, the actual items may differ slightly.

    SKU: U-600-052

    Tech Specs

    Filter TypeVariable ND
    Filter GlassSchott B270 Pro Cinema Glass
    Filter Coatings16 layer anti-reflective coating along with ‘Liquid Glass’ surface treatments for anti-static, hydrophobic, and scratch resistance
    AdjustmentRotation with hard stops to prevent cross polarizing within working range
    Filter RangeND4 - ND32 and ND64 - ND512
    Thread Size49mm / 52mm / 58mm / 62mm / 67mm / 72mm / 77mm / 82mm
    Compatible Focal Lengths16mm and above
    Frame MaterialAerospace Grade Aluminum
    Diameter67mm — 81.16mm / 77mm — 91.16mm / 82mm — 96.16mm
    Depth67mm — 9.05mm / 77mm — 9.05mm / 82mm — 9.05mm
    Weight67mm — 39.7g / 77mm — 47.9g / 82mm — 51.8g

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