Moment Mobile Filmmaker Cage - for MagSafe® - Open Box

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    Rig it up

    Want something to hold all the gear you want to attach to your phone? We’ve got you. The Mobile Filmmaker Cage supports various accessories thanks to the multiple cold shoe ¼”-20, and ⅜”-16 attachment points. Mount your favorite mics, lights, handles, etc. for the ultimate mobile rig. And yes, dress it up with Moment Lenses with Filters!

    Get A Firm Grip

    Get a grip! The Mobile Filmmaker Cage is designed for a firm grasp. Includes ample room for it to be held with your hands yet still a fully functional rig with various attachments. You can even attach handles to any side of the cage for extra manual control.

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    (M)Force for Extra Strength

    We don’t want your phone falling off the cage, so we engineered a proprietary configuration of magnets to provide even extra strength. Custom tuned magnets combined with a grippy backer pad allow for the strongest connection possible.

    Cable Management

    No more dangling cables getting caught up on things and obstructing your view of the screen. We designed a very nifty cable management system into the Mobile Filmmaker Cage to keep those wires tucked out of the way.

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    On And Off In A Snap

    You are shooting with a phone, and yeah, annoying as it is, sometimes you have to use it as a phone in the middle of a shoot. Attaching and detaching your phone and accessories is a breeze thanks to the MagSafe mount in the middle of the Mobile Filmmaker Cage. You can even do it with one hand.

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    It Stands Proud

    The Mobile Filmmaker Cage stands on a flat surface without a tripod. While this doesn’t seem like a huge deal, no other cages on the market include this underrated yet valuable feature. Set your rig down with ease.

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    The Moment Mobile Filmmaker Cage

    The first MagSafe-compatible Mobile Filmmaking Cage, making your mobile filmmaking life as convenient as possible