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Diffusion: 5%

Size: 67mm

    What Is A Diffusion Filter

    A diffusion filter is often used to create a glowy haze spreading out the light across the etched filter surface, while still maintaining crisp contrast and sharpness. It’s the effect of bending a percentage of image-forming light from its original origin to defocus. The filter’s tiny pattern of haze will also help alter the bokeh to a more creamy state.
    It other words: Diffusion filters spread or "bloom" light, softening hard edges and creating a film-like effect straight out of camera.

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    Check Out Moment CineBloom Diffusion Filters In Action

    What Makes CineBloom Filters Unique

    Makes Your Digital Creations Look Like Film

    The Moment CineBloom diffusion filter is the perfect testament to film-like photos without breaking the bank on film stock. It produces a beautiful hazy glow around lit subjects and light sources, creating a unique style straight out of the camera. It's a classic look that you wouldn't otherwise be able to manipulate in Photoshop.

    Moment Cine Bloom Diffusion Filters A2 CA9 F6 D3 B1 E
    Moment CineBloom Diffusion Filters

    Shiny and ready to rock and roll.

    Moment CineBloom Diffusion Filters

    But... that GLARE.

    Moment Cine Bloom Diffusion Filters 2 A8164
    Moment CineBloom 20% Filter - Article called "The Ultimate Guide To Camera Filters and Filter Adapters"

    Natalie shot at 20% diffusion in the creamy, golden light.

    Moment Cine Bloom Diffusion Filters 2 A8319
    Moment Cine Bloom Diffusion Filters 2 A8064

    Premium Glass

    The glass is made by fusing a micro layer of NanoBlack particulates between two layers of top-grade Japanese filter glass, allowing us to maintain full image quality. The filter's tiny etched pattern also helps alter the bokeh to soften the appearance of harsh light without sacrificing image quality.

    • Available in densities of 5% (1/4), 10% (1/2), and 20% (1).
    • Premium Japanese Optical glass for superior image clarity.
    • Uncoated glass ensures maximum effect and strength of bloom.
    Moment Cine Bloom Diffusion Filters 2 A7897

    Effortless Haze

    Escape the clinical, ultra-sharp look of digital with this specialty glass. It not only catches and blooms light but has a smoothing effect on skin tones, making wrinkles less noticeable.

    • Softens the footage/image without losing quality.
    • Makes highlights bloom.
    • Softens and smooths the appearance of wrinkles and blemishes in skin.
    • Easier retouching in post.
    Moment Cine Bloom Diffusion Filters 2 A8353

    Case Included

    Filters need protection too. Like all our filters, this one comes in a hard clamshell case, so when it's not in use, it can have a safe home.

    Moment cinebloom lifestyle 033

    Works With Your Gear

    Not only do our CineBloom filters work with standard camera lens thread sizes, but they also work with the standard center pinch lens caps you already have for your camera lens, unlike other options on the market.

    Take your mobile videos to the next level. The 67mm CineBloom Filters work with our 67mm Filter Adapter so you can use them with your Moment lenses.

    Moment cinebloom lifestyle 034
    Moment cinebloom lifestyle 035

    Which Version Should I Get?

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    Moment cinebloom comparison table 10
    Moment cinebloom comparison table 20

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    How to pick the correct filter size?

    The filter thread size is actually different than the lens focal length. Usually, the filter thread size for your lens is printed on the front of the outer ring where your lens cap attaches, it'll look like øxx where xx is the filter size in millimeters.

    Filter Thread Size

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