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    Using the Gnarbox 2.0

    Organization, Ruggedized

    The Gnarbox is a whimsical combination of a passive, SSD memory device and a more active piece of tech that communicates with your gear in ways no other hard drives do. In addition to its ruggedness, one of the most innovative features of the Gnarbox 2.0 is its screen and overall smarts. After a brief boot-up period, the device displays its name, battery status, and options for memory storage and transfer. Plug in an SD card, and the name of the card is displayed on the screen. This feature alone inspired us to get a little more organized with our memory cards and workflow. Naming SD cards based on size, speed, or where they fit into your camera ecosystem is a great way to stay organized and even remember what’s (likely to be on) a given card.

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    How it Works

    What really sets the Gnarbox apart from the more traditional external hard drive offerings is the way it fits into your workflow. Instead of a tethered memory brick that lives on your desk or a coffee shop table, the Gnarbox is made to go out into the field with you. Think everything from mountaintop engagement shoots to weeklong backpacking trips across Iceland--anywhere you might bring a camera and a power brick but not a laptop. Don’t worry about the elements, weight, or space; the Gnarbox is a great way to securely backup your photos in the field.

    Whether you like to constantly dump and clear your SD cards or prefer rugged redundancy as you capture images on the far corners of the earth (after all, cameras are a lot more fragile than the Gnarbox and there’s no guarantee the Northern Lights will cooperate two nights in a row), the ability to plug in SD cards, transfer all their contents to an elements-proof SSD, and keep shooting is priceless. The data transfer happens incredibly quickly, which means you can sneak in a good memory dump as quickly as you can swap camera batteries.

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    One-Touch Backup

    Quickly perform one-touch backups without your laptop, phone or tablet using the on-board OLED screen and buttons. Develop folder presets on the GNARBOX app for advanced backups with personalized folder naming conventions.

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    Powered by Apps

    App That Advances Your Workflow

    The GNARBOX app is the fastest field backup experience, with tailored file/folder organization and sleek tools for file management across your drives. For photographers, The GNARBOX app allows super-fast preview of RAW photos, making it easy to mark your selects, use metadata, and save time preparing your images for your next step.

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