Open Box - Fisheye 15mm Lens

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Our award winning fisheye lens with our M-series mounting interface captures the biggest possible scene imaginable on a mobile phone. This gently used lens is crisp edge to edge, this lens is perfect for taking photos and videos in tight spaces or making epic landscapes look even bigger.

Photo Case Required Learn How It Works

Features and Compatibility

  • This open box lens has been tested and by Moment and is in excellent working condition, but may have slight cosmetic flaws.
  • All Open Box Sales are final. No returns are offered on Open Box Gear.
  • Covered by 12 month warranty on Open Box replacement.
  • Features our M-series mount interface with a simple twist-and-lock design. This lens is cross-compatible with all M-series cases.
  • Recommended for Apple devices, iPhone 6 and older.
  • Made with aerospace-grade metal and the same hand-polished glass used for high-end 4K film lenses.
  • Includes a microfiber carrying bag (lens cap sold separately).
  • Great for phones made in 2018 and earlier. If you have a newer phone, our 14mm Fisheye Lens will be a better choice with corner-to-corner goodness.


Our award winning fisheye lens with our new mounting interface, the Moment Fisheye 15mm lens captures the biggest possible scene imaginable on a mobile phone. Crisp edge-to-edge, this 15mm equivalent lens is perfect for taking photos and videos in tight spaces, or making epic landscapes look even bigger. The Fisheye 15mm Lens is the widest lens we make. With a 170 degree field of view, you’ll instantly notice the dramatic difference when mounting it to your phone. Tight scenes won’t be cut off, landscapes will appear larger than life, and cropped video will become a thing of the past. It’s the perfect tool to enhance the scale of your images beyond imagination.

The Fisheye 15mm Lens works with our Case or Battery Case, which currently support the latest iPhones, Google Pixel, or Galaxy. Both cases feature our new mounting interface, with a twist and lock design to keep your glass safe and secure when shooting.


  • Roadtripping: Capture your trip with a new dynamic perspective.
  • Architecture / Real Estate: Capture the widest possible view of interiors.
  • Action Sports: Get a unique perspective, and make your friends look even more epic while they shred.
  • Video: Phones crop your video to add stabilization. Get that crop back, plus add much more field of view. Perfect for vlogging.


  • Learn More about the Moment Garage.

  • Rated the #1 iPhone Lens by The Wirecutter.

  • Aspherical design that is sharp edge to edge.

  • Our lenses are interchangeable so you can use them on multiple devices if you have a case for each device.

  • Includes a lens cap and microfiber carrying bag.

  • Attaches via Case or Battery Case.

  • All Used sales are final. No Returns.

  • Covered by 12 month warranty on Used replacement.

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Big Image Without Bending

Fisheye lenses are known for curved images. Not the Moment Fisheye 15mm. Instead, we deliver almost a perfectly flat, 170 degree image that is sharp across the entire scene. We did update the glass alignment on the New Superfish to minimize any dark corners that can arise on the newer devices.

With Fisheye 15mm Lens

Without Fisheye 15mm Lens

Superfish Lens Compare01
Superfish Lens Compare02

Tech Specs

  • Optics: 15mm Rectilinear Fisheye
  • Chromatic Aberration: < 1.5 Pixels across format
  • Design: 4 elements 3 groups, includes 1 glass aspheric element
  • Lens Coating: Multi-layer, low fare broadband anti-reflection
  • Field of view: 170 degree rectilinear
  • Resolution: >300 lp/mm center , > 150lp/mm edge (simulated MTF)
  • Distortion: 100% Fisheye distortion at the edge
  • Weight - 54.9g
  • Height - 22.2mm
  • Diameter - 34.5mm