Shimoda Mountable Drop Pocket

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    Know more about the Mountable Drop Pocket

    Hey, have you checked out the Drop Pocket? It's perfect for creators like us who want quick and easy access to accessories, lenses, and even snacks! You can attach it to your belt or anywhere that can handle its dual clip attachments. Plus, the drawcord closure adds extra security, so you don't have to worry about anything falling out. It's lightweight and super convenient, and if you ever misplace it, no worries! You can easily replace it since it shares the same design as our removable side panel tripod pockets. It's a must-have for anyone who loves simplicity and practicality.

    Generous Fit

    The spacious pocket of the Drop Pocket is perfect for holding snacks, sunscreen bottles, or even large lenses and water bottles. Its mesh design prevents dirt and moisture buildup, keeping it fresh even if you use it for trash items like food wrappers.


    With a large belt loop and easy-to-use side-release buckles, the Drop Pocket effortlessly slides onto your belt and securely fastens in place.


    The Drop Pocket is compatible with all Shimoda belts, including the HD (X70). When combined with a Toploader and HD Belt, it transforms into a convenient utility belt, allowing you to carry a mounted camera body, extra lens, and more.

    Tripod Pocket

    Designed with the same functionality as our removable side panel tripod pockets, the Drop Pocket serves as a reliable replacement option if you happen to misplace one.