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    What Is A Variable ND Filter

    Neutral Density filters are like sunglasses for your camera lens. A Variable does the same thing but it lets you adjust the strength of the filter by rotating the filter ring. This way, instead of carrying around multiple filters for different lighting conditions, you can carry just one and adjust for your specific shot. It’s the best way to perfectly expose your shot in any shooting scenario.

    With the filter — Buttery smooth with dynamic range for cinematic motion

    Without the filter — Jittery footage with unbalanced exposure

    With Filter
    Without Filter

    By letting in less light through the lens, you can slow down your shutter to create longer exposures in broad daylight. Dad photo alert!

    What Makes It Unique

    Premium Glass

    We chose Schott B270 Pro Cinema Glass to maintain maximum optical quality and create crisp images.

    Two Moment Variable ND Filters - each on separate Canon DSLR cameras
    Five Moment Variable ND filters in different sizes and focal length ranges laying on a smooth cement surface

    A New Level of Control

    Our unique geometry and laser-etched graphics allow you to see which stop you’re shooting from behind the viewfinder. This allows for faster control and easy starting points for your shots in different lighting conditions.

    Laser etching of focal length on a Moment 2–5 Stop Variable ND Filter

    Zero Cross Polarization

    We specifically engineered the rotation of the filter to have hard stops at both ends of the working range, preventing unwanted cross-polarization.

    Aerospace Grade

    The filter metal is machined from aerospace-grade aluminum for lightweight performance and rugged durability.

    Moment Variable ND Filter with water beads on top of the glass and frame

    Works With Your Gear

    Not only do our Variable ND filters work with standard camera lens thread sizes, they also work with the standard center pinch lens caps you already have for your camera lens, unlike other options on the market.

    The 67mm VND also works with our 67mm Filter Mount so you can take your mobile videos to the next level.

    Woman putting a standard center pinch lens cap over the Moment Variable ND Filter
    Four DSLR cameras all with Moment Variable ND Filters attached
    67mm filter mount 08

    Which Version Should I Get?

    No need to decide, with this bundle you'll get both!
    Here are the differences for good measure

    In Detail

    These filters are built with top-quality glass and advanced optical coatings for crisp cinematic footage. Designed to be used with premium camera lenses, their laser-etched, machined aluminum housings allow you to easily see and control your ND range. Built-in stops prevent any unwanted cross-polarization for the best possible image quality and precise adjustments.

    Get crispy photos and footage, even in tricky lighting.

    Easily work with your settings behind the camera.

    How to pick the correct filter size?

    The filter thread size is actually different than the lens focal length. Usually, the filter thread size for your lens is printed on the front of the outer ring where your lens cap attaches, it'll look like øxx where xx is the filter size in millimeters.

    Filter Thread Size