Rugged Case for iPhone 12

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Device: iPhone 12 Pro Max

Color: Walnut Wood

Type: MagSafe Compatible

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Our extra protective, everyday case. The rugged, dual compound construction provides peace of mind when your gear hits the ground, while the bottom is fully enclosed for additional protection. Available in black canvas or walnut wood, the inside includes a microsuede lining that keeps your phone scratch free. On the bottom you can add extra style and protection with a cord based wrist strap. Over the phone’s lenses includes our M-Series lens interface to add a Moment lens anytime.

If you want the most protective case we make, this is for you.

Features and Compatibility

  • Works with Qi Wireless Charging
  • 6-foot Drop Protection
  • Case body made with Bio-Plastic TPU
  • Includes M-series lens interface
  • Includes attachment for a wrist strap (sold separately)
  • Works with screen protectors (sold separately)
  • Ships in 100% post-consumer recycled packaging
  • Covered by our 2-year warranty

A Protective iPhone Case

Our Case brings the best of a camera (subtle grip, attachable lenses, and a strap) and combines it with the traditions of a super rugged case...all without the bulk. It's sleek enough for street wear, but rugged enough so that when you drop it — everything stays in tack. The perfect dress for your already-sexy iPhone.

Over 6 Feet of Drop Protection

This is the most protective case we make. The kind of case that protects your phone from drops, scratches and those unexpected “oh s#$@” moments.

  • Thin rubberized body.
  • Dual compound construction for extra strength.
  • Curved to the edges of the phone to provide the right balance of protection and minimal form.
  • The inside is covered in microsuede that is sourced in Japan, providing protection and comfort for your expensive camera phone.
  • Compatible with standard screen protectors.

Easier To Grip

The back of the case is made of real American wood or black canvas, both selected to provide a subtle texture to the back of your phone for easier one-handed shooting. .In combination with the grippy TPU, these materials provide a high-quality tactile feel that helps you hang on to your camera phone in whatever conditions.

The strap attachment is added security when you need it so you can get those risky shots. Once you add a strap, you don't go back. We sell some beautiful straps, or you can use any straps that connects with a thin cord.


Add A Wrist Strap

Grab a strap, you won’t regret it.

Located on the bottom of the case is a wrist strap attachment so you can attach a wrist strap to either corner. Whether are you traveling or hanging around the city, wrist straps make sure you never drop your phone. Rated up to 158 lbs pull strength, a strap also makes it that much harder for someone to steal your phone out of your hand.

Moment Case Feature Strap Attach 01
Case with Strap Attachment for Google Pixel

Lens Ready

For that special moment when you want to rock our Moment Lenses, we made it easy and secure to attach our glass.

  • Our M-Series lens interface is built right into the case.
  • Rotate our lenses into place with a 90° turn.
  • Nothing looks better on a case than a big beautiful lens. Unless, of course, you have cat photos on the back; that’s pretty awesome too.
Case with Strap Attachment for Google Pixel
Moment cases holiday 2019 Case 124
Moment Feature Attachalens Photocase

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Add a lens

Tech Specs

iPHONE 11 Pro

  • Case Weight - 40.6g
  • Dimensions - 150.4mm x 77.8mm
  • Thickness - 3.0mm
  • Inner Lining - Charcoal Microsuede

iPHONE 11 Pro Max

  • Case Weight - 46.0g
  • Dimensions - 164.4mm x 84.2mm
  • Thickness - 3.0mm
  • Inner Lining - Charcoal Microsuede


  • Case Weight - 47.6g
  • Dimensions - 157.3mm x 82.0mm
  • Thickness - 3.0mm
  • Inner Lining - Charcoal Microsuede


  • Case Weight - 44.3g
  • Dimensions - 149.2mm x 75.6mm
  • Thickness - 3.5mm
  • Inner Lining - Charcoal Microsuede


  • Case Weight - 53.3g
  • Dimensions - 163.2mm x 82.0mm
  • Thickness - 3.5mm
  • Inner Lining - Charcoal Microsuede


  • Case Weight - 53.4g
  • Dimensions - 156.5mm x 80.2mm
  • Thickness - 3.6mm
  • Inner Lining - Charcoal Microsuede


  • Case Weight - 34.2g
  • Dimensions - 146.3mm x 73.9mm
  • Thickness - 3.2mm
  • Inner Lining - Charcoal Microsuede


  • Case Weight - 34.3g
  • Dimensions - 141.1mm x 70.3mm
  • Thickness - 3.0mm
  • Inner Lining - Charcoal Microsuede


  • Case Weight - 46.4g
  • Dimensions - 161.1mm x 81.1mm
  • Thickness - 3.2mm
  • Inner Lining - Charcoal Microsuede


  • Black - Polyurethane (PU) Coated Canvas with a TPU body
  • Wood - Dark Walnut Veneer // Stained and Wax Coated with a TPU body