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    Why We Made the Moment Case

    The iPhone Thin Photo case embraces the less-is-more mentality with a super thin profile and a replaceable M-series lens mount that allows you to compost the case body when you’re done with it.

    After an average of just two years, most cases end up in a landfill, where they will take between four hundred and two thousand years to decompose. We may be a small brand, but from Moment alone, that’s hundreds of thousands of cases that will essentially never biodegrade, and we’re not okay with that.

    Lens Ready

    For that special moment when you want to rock our Moment Lenses, we made it easy and secure to attach our glass.

    • Our M-Series lens interface is built right into the case.
    • Rotate our lenses into place with a 90° turn.
    • Nothing looks better on a case than a big beautiful lens. Unless, of course, you have cat photos on the back; that’s pretty awesome too.
    310 121 Moment thin case i Phone SE2 Black lifestyle 0006 DSC01125
    310 121 Moment thin case i Phone SE2 Black lifestyle 0002 DSC01193
    310 121 Moment thin case i Phone SE2 Black lifestyle 0000 DSC01226
    310 121 Moment thin case i Phone SE2 Black lifestyle 0005 DSC01139

    Add A Wrist Strap

    Grab a strap, you won’t regret it.

    Located on the bottom of the case is a wrist strap attachment so you can attach a wrist strap to either corner. Whether are you traveling or hanging around the city, wrist straps make sure you never drop your phone. Rated up to 158 lbs pull strength, a strap also makes it that much harder for someone to steal your phone out of your hand.

    Moment Case Feature Strap Attach 01

    Samples Shot On iPhone With Moment Lenses

    Matthewsebastianwood 2

    Shot on iPhone 7+ With Tele 60mm by @matthewsebastianwood

    Moment miel life iphone X with Tele 58mm 01

    Shot on iPhone X With Tele 58mm by

    Moment theyellowjo i Phone XS Max with Fisheye 14mm 05

    Shot on iPhone XS Max With Fisheye 14mm by @theyellowjo

    Moment Macro 02

    Shot on iPhone With Tele 58mm by @moment

    Moment johnlmc i Phone XS Max with Wide 18mm 01



    Shot on iPhone by @paolacesmuniz

    Moment filmandpixel i Phone11 Pro with Fisheye14mm nightmode 01

    Shot on iPhone 11 Pro With Fisheye 14mm by @filmandpixel


    Shot on iPhone by @agsetya


    Shot on iPhone With Wide 18mm by @ramygrams

    Photo by Andrew Kearns

    Shot on iPhone With Wide 18mm by @andrewtkearns

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