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    What is a Compostable Phone Case?

    Instead of using petroleum-based oils, we use a plant-based oil derived from flax seed. This plant based TPU breaks down in eight months to a year in its solid form. To speed up the process and reduce waste, we use the husk of the flax seed to make the case less dense. This flax husk filler also makes the case more impact resistant, as the air pockets in the husk allow space for the bio case to compress and rebound during an impact.

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    How Does it Work?

    Unlike petroleum-based plastics that last hundreds of years even in the harshest elements, flax seed plastics break down quickly whether they end up in a compost pile or in a landfill. When the case is sent to compost, the flax husk will biodegrade first, and allow water and air to get inside the case to speed the breakdown process of the bio oil-based 'plastic'.


    We’ve been working on perfecting bioplastics that feel good, wear well, and compost when you’re finished using them as a phone case. You'll find the same great material in our iPhone Thin Case.

    Our bioplastic is verified to meet U.S. (ASTM D6400-04) and E.U. (EN13432) standards for compostability. It means you can toss your case in the city compost bin when you upgrade your phone. It will be 90% broken down in as little as 4 months. The resulting compost is even safe to grow food with!

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