Biodegradable Cases for iPhone 11 - iPhone 11 Pro Max

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Biodegradable Cases for iPhone 11

    Our first fully biodegradable iPhone case. No lens interface or strap attachment, our new Bio Case looks good, adds a little bit of grip, and protects from accidental drops. We took our design principles of simplicity and precision to the world of eco-friendly phone cases, because being green doesn’t have to mean granola designs. With this new proprietary plant-based bio-plastic material, you can upgrade cases guilt-free or keep your phone protected while you wait for your preorder. And naturally, to go green we went black.

    Not compatible with Moment lenses and M-Series Moment products

    SKU: 311-112

    How Does it Work?

    Unlike petroleum-based plastics that last hundreds of years even in the harshest elements, flax seed plastics break down quickly whether they end up in a compost pile or in a landfill. When the case is sent to compost, the flax husk will biodegrade first, and allow water and air to get inside the case to speed the breakdown process of the bio oil-based 'plastic'.

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    Tech Specs

    iPhone 11
    Thickness (Back)1.5mm
    Weight26.5g (0.06lbs)
    iPhone 11 Pro
    Thickness (Back)1.5mm
    Weight23.9g (0.05lbs)
    iPhone 11 Pro Max
    Thickness (Back)1.5mm
    Weight27.9g (0.06lbs)

    Frequently Bought With

    • Stick-on Adapter - for MagSafe

    • Screen Protector for iPhone XS Max / 11 Pro Max