Moment 1.33x Anamorphic Lens Adapter + 82mm VND Bundle

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  • 1.33x Anamorphic Lens Adapter

  • 82mm VND Filter

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    A Classic Anamorphic Look

    In designing this lens we wanted to deliver on those iconic anamorphic characteristics - horizontal flares, widescreen aspect ratio, subtle distortion, and gentle roll off in sharpness. This lens delivers on that and more as it adds its own character to sharp modern lenses allowing you to turn your current kit into an epic widescreen experience.
    But the real fun starts when you pair this little wonder with vintage lenses. On vintage lenses the adapter blends our take on classic anamorphic with the endless variations of looks that you get from vintage glass. Blending classic anamorphic with the character of vintage glass gives you unlimited options for creating epic and signature looks for your project. Ooooh, those flares!!!

    A 1.33x Squeeze

    The Moment Anamorphic Adapter is a 1.33x squeeze that transforms 16:9 video into a glorious widescreen 2:35:1. That’s a fancy way of saying that a 1.33x squeeze provided several advantages, enabling this adapter to work with the widest array of sensors and editing programs.

    First, a 1.33x requires less cropping of your footage in post, enabling you to use all of the pixels you paid for! Second, a 1.33x enabled us to keep the design as compact as possible. Front anamorphic glass can get very large as the squeeze ratio increases. Lastly, most editing programs have a 1.33x anamorphic default setting, so it’s as easy as one click of a button to get an epic wide screen.

    Super Easy To Use

    Historically anamorphic adapters haven’t always been accessible or easy to use. Often they have been more trouble than they are worth. We wanted to change that with the Moment 1.33x Anamorphic Adapter to make sure it was as simple to use in your workflow as a native lens.

    Wide Compatibility


    You probably shoot with a couple of different lenses, so it's very important to be able to get the same look on all of them. We've made this adapter as compatible as possible for this reason. Out of the box, it has a 67mm rear thread, but worry not if you have different diameter lenses, it comes with 72mm, 77m, and 82mm step-up rings to match the most popular diameter filter threads. You can also use the Anamorphic adapter if you have a different size lens, all you'll need is a step ring to match the filter thread.


    Sony, Fuji, Blackmagic, Leica, Nikon, Canon...? Yeah, all those and many more will be compatible. As long as you are using a camera with lenses that have a standard filter thread, this adapter will work like a charm.

    Anamorphic Adapter Focal Length Compatibility

    We wanted to make this adapter compatible with the widest array of base lenses. Whether you’re shooting on some vintage glass or a modern set of lenses, this adapter is for you

    Crispy Clear

    We've been making specialty lenses for a while now, and always our number one priority was image clarity without compromise. When we decided to embark on this great adventure of making an anamorphic lens adapter, crispiness was at the very top of the list.

    Moment 133 000 1 33x Anamorphic Lens Adapter lifestyle 02

    Premium Design

    We started working on this project several months ago, wanting to bring the history of classic anamorphics to everyday lenses. To bring both affordability and cinema-grade quality together into one product; while making the adapter as simple as shooting on a traditional lens.
    Getting here has taken several iterations. It’s incredibly difficult to make large cylinder elements at an affordable price. Plus a lot of your time is spent trying to properly align an anamorphic in order to create consistent results. We’ve been designing optical products as a team the last 8 years and this is by far the best lens we’ve ever made.

    Moment Anamorphic Adapter lifestyle17

    Turn Your Favorite Lens Into An Anamorphic

    The Story Behind The Moment Anamorphic Adapter

    From Mike Thomas, Optical Designer

    What Is A Variable ND Filter

    Neutral Density filters are like sunglasses for your camera lens. A Variable does the same thing but it lets you adjust the strength of the filter by rotating the filter ring. This way, instead of carrying around multiple filters for different lighting conditions, you can carry just one and adjust for your specific shot. It’s the best way to perfectly expose your shot in any shooting scenario.

    VND Filters make all the difference 

    By letting in less light through the lens, you can slow down your shutter to create longer exposures in broad daylight.
    Dad photo alert!

    With the filter — Buttery smooth with dynamic range for cinematic motion

    Without the filter — Jittery footage with unbalanced exposure

    With Filter
    Without Filter

    Premium Glass

    We chose Schott B270 Pro Cinema Glass to maintain maximum optical quality and create crisp images.

    Five Moment Variable ND filters in different sizes and focal length ranges laying on a smooth cement surface

    A New Level of Control

    Our unique geometry and laser-etched graphics allow you to see which stop you’re shooting from behind the viewfinder. This allows for faster control and easy starting points for your shots in different lighting conditions.

    Laser etching of focal length on a Moment 2–5 Stop Variable ND Filter

    Aerospace Grade

    The filter metal is machined from aerospace grade aluminum for lightweight performance and rugged durability.

    Moment Variable ND Filter with water beads on top of the glass and frame

    Works With Your Gear

    Not only do our Variable ND filters work with standard camera lens thread sizes, they also work with the standard center pinch lens caps you already have for your camera lens, unlike other options on the market.

    The 67mm VND also works with our 67mm Filter Mount so you can take your mobile videos to the next level.

    Woman putting a standard center pinch lens cap over the Moment Variable ND Filter
    Four DSLR cameras all with Moment Variable ND Filters attached
    67mm filter mount 08

    Which Version Should I Get?

    In Detail

    These filters are built with top quality glass and advanced optical coatings for crisp cinematic footage. Designed to be used with premium camera lenses, their laser etched, machined aluminum housings allow you to easily see and control your ND range. Built-in stops prevent any unwanted cross polarization for the best possible image quality and precise adjustments.

    Get crispy photos and footage, even in tricky lighting.

    Easily work with your settings behind the camera.

    In 67mm, 77mm, and 82mm.