Module 8 L1 Tuner - Baltar Variable Look Lens - EF Lens to E Mount

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Lens Side Mount: EF Lens

Camera Mount: EF Lens to E Mount

    What is a Tuner?

    Created by 13x Academy Award Winner and legendary cinema lens designer Iain Neil, The Tuner allows you to tell your story in story adding a unique visual signature to your work, setting it apart from the crowd. Every Tuner frame will transport your audience to a different era, filled with the timeless beauty and captivating charm of film. They're all about experimenting with images, having fun, and being inspired.

    What Makes the Tuner Incredible?

    The L1 Tuner Look

    Module 8 has created three unique looks, emulating some of the most iconic cinema lenses ever made. Inspired by Super Baltar lenses, L1 can evoke emotion by creating the nostalgic warmth, romance and gritty realism of classic films like The Godfather. At T/2.3, the L1 Tuner gives the character of a vintage Super Baltar but can produce an intense, dreamlike look when the aperture of the lens is increased to T/1.4. The variable halation of L1 is created by manipulating spherical aberration of the image and is much more accurate than the uniform scattering effect induced by a diffusion filter. The ability to create very strong looks is convenient when delivering to a smaller screen size and still want a pronounced vintage look.

    What the Pro DP's think

    “This is an amazing new device” - Rodney Charters, A.S.C

    Tuner Compatibility

    The EF Tuner is compatible with EF lenses from Canon, Sigma and Tamron and supports autofocus, aperture adjustment and image stabilization. The EF Tuner with electronics is only available for EF Lenses used on Sony E or Canon RF mount mirrorless cameras. The PL Tuners allow professional cinema lenses to benefit from our variable tuning technology called Vari-Tune ™.) The PL Tuners are compatible with many popular modern PL lenses and allow for interchangeable mounts like E, RF, L and X. Each PL Tuner ships with a rear lens depth gauge to insure your PL lens is compatible. To see the full PL compatibility chart, click here.

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