Laptop and Tablet Mount - Cold Shoe

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Make your zoom calls crispier with a light or microphone. Our Cold Shoe Mount slides over the top of your Laptop or Tablet and tightens into place with a screen safe padded attachment mechanism. Once in place you can attach a video conferencing light or shotgun microphone to improve your video calls. This mount works with pretty much any tablet or laptop (between 2.5 and 10mm thickness).

Features and Compatibility

  • Screen safe, padded thumb screw to attach the mount onto your device
  • Secure fit won’t slip off iPad or MacBook
  • Works on iPad in landscape mode with mount on the side
  • Lens mount works with all Moment M-Series lenses
  • Works on devices 2.5mm to 10mm thick (works best without a case)
  • It is possible for the mount to work with a case but the total device thickness, including the case, must be 10mm or less
  • Works on the front facing cameras of iPad and MacBook
  • Cold shoe mount works with any standard cold shoe accessory
  • Robust, machined aluminum design, including the lens mount
  • Padded contacts won’t damage device surfaces
  • Covered by our 2 year warranty

Laptop or Tablets

With fully padded contact points and a simple machined aluminum thumbscrew, it’s easy to clamp the lens mount onto your laptop or tablet without scratching the screen. Simply slide it on and tighten into place for a secure fit that won’t slip off.

107 014 Moment cold shoe mount

Add A Light or Mic

Dial in your video calls like a pro by adding any light or mic with the built-in cold shoe mount. Good audio and lighting will go a long way for making you look and sound better on screen.

107 014 Moment cold shoe mount 7 2

Works with Phones, Too!

This mount works with pretty much any tablet or laptop (between 2.5 and 10mm thickness) and can be used with phones. Need more light for your mobile filming session? This mount is for you, too!

Moment laptop coldshoe mount JM 06