Insta360 ONE R Action Camera - 360 Edition

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The Insta360 ONE R 360 Edition is a modular action camera system featuring the Dual-Lens 360 Mod lens module, which captures up to 5.7K30 fps 360° videos and 6080 x 3040 photos. Images are stitched automatically in-camera in all cases except when shooting raw photos, which must be stitched using optional stitching software. The 360 Mod and included Core and Battery Base modules assemble together into a complete system, with the 360 and Core modules mounted side by side. With this entire setup further installed in the supplied Mounting Bracket, also known as the frame, the system can be used underwater in depths down to 16'.

Features and Compatibility

  • Super 5.7K 360
  • FlowState Stabilization
  • Invisible selfie stick feature
  • Bullet time 2.0
  • Point to track + Deep track
  • Auto Frame
  • Timeshift mode