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    The Fujifilm X-T4

    Beloved by creators

    Flip-Out Screen

    The first physical aspect we took a liking to with the X-T4 was the flip-out screen. Not only does it orientate up and down but also side to side... really wherever you need it. This greatly benefits both photographers and filmmakers and makes it a great minimal body for vlogging.


    Better Battery Life

    The X-T4 has a long-lasting battery life for photos, including two different modes that enable more control. Battery life has significantly improved from the X-T3 model, giving ample support for half-day or long-day photography shoots.


    Classic Fuji Colors

    Fuji’s 17 digital Film Simulations are stunning straight out of camera. Think of them much like Lightroom presets but built-in to your camera with no post processing required. They allow you to enhance your image with film stock emulators while you shoot. Some are soft and subdued, while others are bold and vibrant.
    Although each of these options are typically shot in JPEG mode, RAW files can be simultaneously recorded in case you need a log-profile image for post processing. Screen grabs from video seem almost too good to be true; they boast natural colors and realistic detail.

    Fuji X-T4 - Little 'ole island in the middle of the ocean.
    Fuji X-T4
    Fuji X-T4 - Man standing in front of ocean.

    Nostalgic Camera Body

    Fujifilm is no stranger to well-crafted cameras with a nostalgic body. Although it looks like it belongs on your grandpa’s camera shelf (which we love), it’s impressively high-tech and shines with top-tier specs. The classic aluminum body and analog-inspired controls give it a tactile feel reminiscent of film cameras.


    Auto Focus

    The X-T4’s improved AF tracking performance works brilliantly, perfect for those who rely on automatic settings. It accurately detects hyper focused fast-moving faces, eyes, or manually selected objects for both photos and videos as fast as 0.02 seconds. It's burst shooting mode of up to 15 frames per second makes it the fastest burst shooting mechanical shutter among mirrorless cameras with an APS-C size sensor.
    This changes the game for those who need fast-acting auto settings.


    The Do-Everything Camera

    For photographers and filmmakers of any level

    The Moment Rugged Camera Sling

    Well Loved. Well Reviewed.

    Moment's Rugged Sling is aimed at street photographers with a modular organization system, and weather-proof fabric made from recycled sails... The best part is the ingenious magnetic clip system, which works very well.

    Wired Review

    PackHacker Pick Review

    Key Features

    • Padded wingback design hugs your body for comfortable carry.
    • Quick access, dual zippered main flap for grabbing gear on the run.
    • Soft padded inner lining protects your tech gear.
    • Modular dividers with quilted velcro lining for easy organization.
    • Zippered and quick-slip inner pockets for batteries, cards, cables, and more.
    • Integrated pocket for iPad or tablets (up to 11 inch tablets).
    • Anti-slip tripod loading straps with fully magnetic hardware for quick release and latch.
    • Integrated key clip.
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    Which Size Should You Get?

    The 6L is ideal for mirrorless and mobile carry. The 10L for DSLR, multiple lenses, and filmmaker gear. The dividers are removable so you can change your configuration.

    What it Fits

    The Photographer

    6 Liter
    10 Liter

    What it Fits

    The Drone Flyer

    6 Liter
    10 Liter

    What it Fits

    The Filmmaker

    6 Liter
    10 Liter

    The Strap

    Featuring a quick release buckle, the Rugged Camera Sling's padded main strap can be adjusted to either side for maximum comfort and for both right and left handed shooters. There's even a cross body Stability Strap so the bag doesn’t slide around when on the move or bending down.

    • Quick-release, padded main strap for right and left handed shooters (adjustable to either side).
    • Cross-body Stability Strap so bag doesn’t slide around when on the move and bending down.
    • Don't need it? The Stability Strap is fully removable.
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    The Material

    NorthPak is the world’s first durable + waterproof pack fabric made from 100% recycled polyester fiber and film. It’s made by North Sails, the world’s leading sailmaker and producer of laminated sailcloth. So yeah, it’s pretty rugged. As far as we know, this is the first time it’s ever been used on a camera bag.

    • CO2 emissions from manufacturing recycled PET fiber are comparable to the production of organic cotton
    • CO2 emissions from manufacturing recycled PET fiber are 50% lower than the production of virgin nylon
    • CO2 emissions from manufacturing recycled PET film are 38% lower than the production of virgin PET film
    • Every yard of NORTHPAK fabric saves approximately one pound of CO2 versus virgin-source Nylon/polyester fabric
    • NORTHPAK contains no harmful PU, TPU, PVC, DWR or other coatings, inside or out
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    In Detail

    This sling is built with top quality materials for rugged, durabile protection of your gear. Designed to carry a variety of different camera setups and configurations, it’s ready to go wherever you want. With an ambidextrous main strap, cross body stabilizer strap, and padded wingback design… this is the most comfortable camera sling we’ve ever used.

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    The Camera Sling You Aways Wanted