Filmmaker Workshop: Learn Mobile Filmmaking from 7 Pros

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Filmmaker Workshop: Learn Mobile Filmmaking from 7 Pros

    Did you miss the live workshop? No sweat.

    Get 7 mini-lessons from the 2021 Moment Invitational Film Fest bundled in one learning package that you can watch anytime. Learn how to framework and shoot your own film, all on your phone. Take it to the next level with color grading, SFX, and more. You'll also gain access to pre-recorded Q&A sessions with each of the 7 pros.

    Plus, you can re-watch the workshop anytime you want.

    • 7 pro filmmakers
    • 7 hours of learning.
    • 7 recorded Q&A sessions.
    • Lifetime access to the Workshop.

    **Important: All lesson purchases are final in consideration of the creator's hard work. To learn more, click here.

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    7 Workshops. By 7 Pro Filmmakers. One workshop.

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      Bringing Your Idea to Life with Maegan Houang

      Every good film starts with a great idea. In this lesson, Writer & Director Maegan Houang teaches how to build the framework of your story and create a plan around the resources you have available. You'll learn how to develop compelling characters and storylines for your film, so that once you press record, your film is ready to spring to life. Learn to: - Build the framework for your story - Create a plan based on what locations and characters are available - Develop compelling plots and storylines for your film

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      Shooting with Your Phone: Apps & Settings with Caleb Babcock

      Making a film on your phone? Making it look good can be tricky. In this lesson, Moment's Head Filmmaker Caleb Babcock walks you through how to get the best exposure in multiple environments. You'll learn the best settings to use to take full advantage of your phone's camera, and which apps can help you get the perfect shot. Learn to: - Make your phone footage cinematic - Learn the best apps to use for shooting (Moment Pro Cam & Adobe Rush) - Best techniques and settings - Properly expose your shots

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      Mobile Composition & Framing with Joshua Martin

      Like any camera, phones have strengths and weaknesses. Learn what shots work best on a phone and how to make your film look pro level. In this lesson, Moment Filmmaker Joshua Martin breaks down how to compose and frame your shots so that your mobile footage looks cinematic. You'll learn basic color theory, composition rules, and creative vs. classic shot types. Your viewers won't even know your footage came from a phone. Learn: - Classic Shot Types & Creative Shot Types - Rule of Thirds & Leading Lines - Complimentary Colors & Symmetry - Basic color theory

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      Capturing the Best Sound with Patrick Tomasso

      Arguably more important than how your film looks, the quality of your audio can make or break your film. This workshop breaks down the best practices of capturing audio with Audio Expert Patrick Tomasso. You'll learn the different microphone types that Patrick recommends you use for your film, as well as how to record voiceover. By the end of this workshop, you'll know the ins-and-outs of capturing crisp audio that will take your film to the next level. Learn: - Why audio is so important - Microphone types & best practices - Recording voiceover - Minimizing noise

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      Editing Your Film with Lila

      Editing is when your film actually starts to looks like, well, a film. Without a good edit even the best footage can leave us confused and otherwise disconnected from a film. In this lesson, professional YouTuber Lila teaches you how to edit your film on mobile or desktop (Adobe Rush & Adobe Premiere Pro). Bringing all your footage together to create a cohesive film doesn't have to be the hard part. Learn: - How to use Adobe Rush & Adobe Premiere Pro - Making sequences & selects - Bringing everything together into a professional, cohesive film

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      Color Correction & Grading Your Film with Evan Schneider

      Color correction and grading is what brings your straight-out-of-camera footage to something that belongs on the big screen. In this lessons, professional Colorist Evan Schneider teaches you how to balance your colors and give that final professional polish on your phone footage. Using Adobe Premiere Pro, you'll dive into layer, workflow, and more. Are you ready to take your film to the next level? Learn to: - Color correct & grade your footage using Adobe Premiere Pro - Develop an efficient coloring workflow - Use layers & balance shots

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      Music & SFX for Films with Dunnadidit

      Ever wonder how filmmakers choose their music? In this lesson, Producer Justin "Dunnadidit" McDonough teaches you how to polish your audio by adding music and sound effects. You'll learn how to choose the right sounds and mix your tracks -- transforming your film into a professional-looking (and sounding) finished product. Learn to: - Polish your audio for a professional result - Use Audio Levels & Audio Ducking - Choose the right music - Track mixing