Pitaka Dreamland Chroma Carbon Band for Apple Watch - 42/44/45/49mm

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Color: Mosaic

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    Welcome to Dreamland to build your inner mind.

    Inspired by the intricate structure and boundless imagination of architectural art, particularly these two highly dreamlike examples of modernist architecture, we take their iconic design elements - mosaic and staircase - to create a spiritual space to explore the realm of dreams.

    Iconic Mosaic Texture

    Inspired by the legendary architect Gaudi and his representative work Casa Batllo, the design turns minor and disorderly fragments into units of all things to reproduce the iconic mosaic texture. Get a burst of inspiration from spontaneous creation to picture your natural, poetic dreamland.

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    Infinite Loops and Overlapping Stairs

    Inspired by the architectural genius Bofill and his representative work Red Wall Apartment. With the theme of infinite loops and overlapping stairs, the design reconstructs the surreal cubist space to find the root and the source of beauty and order.

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    ChromaCarbon is a composite lamination technology that combines carbon fiber and aramid fiber by using special resin processed through high temperature and high pressure to maintain the excellent durability and toughness of different materials. And Fusion Weaving technology lets us cover black carbon fiber with pixelated colors of aramid fiber.

    Modern or retro link band

    What is Weaving+?

    The Weaving+ is a new product series launched by PITAKA in 2023. It originated from the "Weave the Next" playoff last year, a collision of ideas regarding phone case design. Beyond their classic design, the Weaving+ series presents brand-new vitality and artistic expression by weaving high-performance materials in a new way to make cases more creative and possible in pixel art form.

    Dreamland Series is their third creation related to Weaving+.

    Architecture, Watch Band, and Rubik's Cube. There are some similarities between them regarding creative thinking, structural organization, and spatial perception. This is PITAKA's creative "inner mind". What about yours?

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