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    DJI Osmo Mobile 6

    Compact and Portable

    Carry your Osmo Mobile 6 on exciting adventures. The compact and foldable design is easy to pack, and with the quick-release magnetic phone clamp, you can get going without the hassle of removing your phone case. Snap-in or out­–you're ready to shoot or take a call at a moment's notice.

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    Quick Launch

    Osmo Mobile 6 automatically powers on as soon as you unfold it. Snap-in a paired smartphone, and the DJI Mimo app pops up automatically, allowing you to start shooting as soon as inspiration strikes.

    Built-In Selfie Stick

    Save space and shoot selfies conveniently by just extending the built-in selfie stick. It's not just for selfies though, you can get interesting angles with it from above, or very low to the ground, with ease.

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    Just Roll to Control

    Effortlessly and fluidly control zoom and focus with Osmo Mobile 6's new side wheel. Roll the wheel to adjust the focal length for flexible composition and zoom in and out with buttery smoothness. And for even more cinematic control, press the side wheel once to switch to manual focus.

    Smooth Operator

    Conveniently check the battery level, the system status indicator, and switch between gimbal modes with the new built-in status panel. Press the M button to hop between the four modes to meet your filming needs or add creative flair.

    DJI Osmo Mobile 6 panel


    Use Move In and Move Out modes to get stretching and compressing visual effects to create dynamic blockbuster shots with your phone.

    3-Axis Stabilization

    With 3-axis stabilization, capture smooth, lossless, on-the-move creations that impress and wow. Osmo Mobile 6 integrates DJI's advanced stabilization technology that puts strong, stable, shake-free results at your fingertips.

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    Smart Tracking

    ActiveTrack 5.0 is fully upgraded for more stable tracking at longer distances. The improved version allows the front camera to track subjects that turn to the side or spin.

    DJI OM Magnetic Phone Clamp 3

    Snap-in and out to shoot at a moment's notice—an improved quick-release phone clamp allows you to snap-in without the hassle of removing your phone case. And with the strong magnetic force between the clamp and gimbal, create worry-free knowing your device is secure.

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    Will It Work With Moment Gear?

    Yes, it does! The OM6 works perfectly with our M-Series Lenses and M-Series Accessories. Check out this guide to help you decide what mobile accessories work for you. 

    What's New In The Osmo Mobile 6 VS. The OM5?


    1. A new status panel to view the current gimbal mode more conveniently.

    2. A new axis lock to secure the gimbal for convenient storage.

    3. A new side wheel to control zoom and focus.

    4. The joystick has been upgraded to provide a better operating experience.


    1. Osmo Mobile 6 adds a magnetic alignment detection function. When the dots on the Magnetic Phone Clamp and gimbal are not aligned correctly, the system indicator on the status panel blinks red. This facilitates quick and accurate attachment so you can use it with peace of mind.

    2. Osmo Mobile 6 provides improved ActiveTrack for more stable tracking at longer distances. It also supports the front camera to track the profile and turning of the subject.

    3. New Quick Launch feature for faster use.

    4. The M button of Osmo Mobile 6 can switch between gimbal modes. With the status panel, operation is more intuitive and accurate. Four mode icons are clear at a glance on the display.

    5. The Magnetic Phone Clamp has been upgraded for a more secure attachment of large phones and lets you snap them in without the hassle of removing your phone case.

      Meet The DJI Osmo Mobile 6