Negative Supply Curated Kit for 35mm and 120 Film Scanning (with Pro Riser MK3)

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    Know more about the Curated Kit for
    35mm and 120 Film Scanning

    The Curated Kit quickly became Negative Supply's most popular kit of 2021. They sold that kit right up until they didn’t have any more Film Carrier MK1s. Instead of waiting for the Pro Film Carrier 35 to be released, they decided to re-launch this kit! This kit represents over $2100 in a la carte products.

    So What's included and Why?

    We know their Pro Kit is a popular option for many, but the included accessories and the more premium 5x7 Light Source Pro aren't essentials for everyone. This “Curated Kit” is comprised of everyone's favorite tools in the shop. What’s included is based on AJ’s (co-founder of Negative Supply) most common recommendations to customers.

    1. Basic Riser Black Edition

    This is their newest copy stand that’s more than able to support 90% of scanning setups and allows you to scan 4x5 sheet film with focal lengths of around 70mm.

    2. Pro Mount MK2 with the anti-static brush and 35/120 adapter plates

    An indispensable tool and the core of this kit when matched with the Film Carrier MK1 and Film Carrier 120. This allows you to quickly and easily switch between film carriers, and adds leveling feet capabilities, dust removal features, and more.

    3. 4x5 Light Source Basic 99 CRI

    This is their most well-rounded light source and the best value in their lineup. Offering an incredibly high CRI rating of 99, this is an affordable option that's well-suited for scanning all types of film (black and white, C-41, E-6) without skipping a beat. It's additionally brighter than many competitors' options at a comparable price point.

    4. Pro Film Carrier 35

    The Pro Film Carrier 35 is the next evolution of 35mm film scanning. Capable of scanning half frame, standard 35mm, and panoramic formats all with a single capture and utilizing their smoothest running bearing system yet, this is the best professional 35mm film carrier on the market. The included full border scanning guide even shows more of the film borders than ever before! Select from either the Standard or Launch Edition carrier! The Launch Edition is a limited edition option and features brass touch points and is individually numbered from 1-100.

    5. Pro Film Carrier 35 Full Border Scanning Cassette

    Scan the full borders (sprocket holes and film stock information) of your 35mm film with this included accessory. This is one of their most popular and loved offerings.

    6. Film Carrier 120

    Empowering you to scan a roll of 120 film in as fast as 60 seconds (or faster), the Film Carrier 120 is one of their most popular offerings. Allowing full-size scans of 6x4.5, 6x6 6x7, and 6x9 film all with included masks and ensuring sharpness with their unique magnetic hinged clamping design, this tool guarantees sharp, consistent, and fast scanning results.

    7. Pro Riser MK3

    This is Negative Supply's largest and most robust copy stand to date. It’s capable of supporting up to digital medium format systems. It has enough height to scan 4x5 film with a 105mm full frame equivalent lens and 35mm and 120 films with nearly any other camera and lens combination. This will come with either a red or blue T-handle wrench.

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