CineStill 800 Tungsten Color Negative 35mm Film - 5 Rolls

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    To Know:

    Rated ISO 200-1000! Can be pushed to 3200! This 800-speed tungsten-balanced color negative film is prepared from the same motion picture film stock used by top cinematographers around the world. This film is designed for difficult low-light tungsten and may be used in many different lighting situations to achieve a variety of visionary scenes. CineStill 800T has quite the signature vibe, which categorizes as a probable better purchase than the Kodak Vision3 500T. Although the two products are intended for different purposes —
    Kodak Vision3 500T is made for motion picture, whereas CineStill 800T is made for stills
    cameras; a comparison between the two should be squarely focused on a description of the
    different look each provides. Without the presence of an anti-halation layer, a red glow may appear around overexposed point light sources. It is not lens-specific, but can be decreased with diffusion such as with the CineBloom filters.

    What We Love:


    3200K Tungsten Balanced color negative motion picture film stock for use as still photography film


    And makes it look cool, too.


    Acceptable for push processing up to 3200 ISO.

    The Details:

    Brand: CineStill

    Product Type: Comes in both 35mm and 120 medium formats.

    Best For: Photographers wanting a more fun, film noir vibe to their images made specifically for low light tungsten situations.

    Samples taken with the CineStill 800T, a great choice for low light situations

    Shot on 800T by @codymturner

    Shot on 800T by @codymturner

    Shot on 800T by @codymturner

    Shot on 800T by @codymturner

    Shot on 800T by @codymturner

    Shot on 800T by @codymturner

    Shot on 800T by @codymturner

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