Battery Case for iPhone 7/8 Plus

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The first powered shutter button case for mobile photographers and filmmakers. What makes this case truly unique are its photography features. Capture better action photos (and selfies) using the electronic, DSLR-like shutter button. Shoot longer with the additional battery. Drop your case without concern when your wrist or neck strap is attached to the bottom. Securely attach any of our New Moment Lenses, adding a new perspective to your phone camera.

We designed this case to be your everyday carry, and you’ll never want to go on a trip without it.

***Note: For full functionality of the shutter button, the Moment Pro Camera App is needed, available in the app store. Because this item is heavily discounted, the app is not included with the purchase.

Features and Compatibility

  • Features M-series mounting interface. Learn more.
  • Attach a wrist strap (sold separately) to the bottom so you never drop your camera phone.
  • Twist and lock lens mount interface that allows you to mount the world’s best glass across each of your devices.
  • 2-stage electronic shutter button makes your phone more like a camera.
  • Not compatible with original lenses
  • Covered by our 2-year warranty
  • Not compatible with wired headphones

Macworld Review

Moment’s new lenses for the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus take smartphone photography to a whole new level.

The quality of photography made possible with an iPhone has significantly grown in quality over the past few years. But there’s always room for improvement. Enter Moment’s latest system of high quality photographic lenses. After a month of using them on trips to China, Japan, and while driving across western Canada I can say, with few reservations, that they’re one of the best investments a smartphone shutterbug can make.

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Basic Protection

Yep, it’s a phone case. Albeit a beautiful, black speckled, French designed, battery does protect your phone from unintended drops. Whether you’re adventurous or just clumsy, we made sure the battery case could withstand a beating. Plus, we put ribs on the top, and created the case out of a hard plastic so your phone can take a beating without popping out or losing its top half (like some of those other battery cases). It’ll be the most durable ribbed, rubber product you've ever bought.

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Easy Entry

The top of the case has a hinge sort of thing. Bend it back, slide your phone into place, and you’re ready to go. It’s a proprietary design that makes entry and exit fast but still rigid enough to support a New Moment Lens on the top of your case. When using Phone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, sliding in and out works but is stiffer as these devices are slightly thicker in size.

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Its rubber TPU body, curved sides, and thumb-reachable shutter button were all designed for perfect one-handed capture.

  • Two-stage camera shutter button.
  • Half-press to find a crisp focus and full-press to capture.
  • Shutter button works in the Moment App or in the iPhone Camera App.
  • Great for selfies or almost epic action scenes (yes that’s a thing).
  • The button sits just below the surface of the case, so you won’t accidentally capture any unwanted pocket shots. Lint and darkness doesn’t trend well on Instagram.

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Shutterbutton Batterycase
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Attach a Strap

Once you add a strap, you don't go back. It's the best way to protect your phone while keeping it within reach for those spontaneous shots.

  • The bottom of the case has a two-sided bar and loop strap attachment so you can rock a wrist or neck strap.
  • Drop-proof your phone with a Moment strap or any straps that connects with a thin cord.
  • Hang your phone instead of using a tripod for self timer photos.
  • The hands-free way to keep your phone close.
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Lens Ready

For that special moment when you want to rock our Moment Lenses, we made it easy and secure to attach our glass. Built right into the case, the Case includes our new lens interface, so you can rotate and gently click our lenses into place. Nothing looks better on a case than a big, beautiful lens. Unless, of course, you have cat photos on the back; that’s pretty awesome too.

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Uses Lightning Cable For Wall Power

(not for headphones or car play)

This is a minor, but important, detail. The Moment Case is the only case on the market that uses the same lightning connector as your iPhone to recharge. This means you can charge your phone into the wall using your standard Apple cables or a third party, MFI power cable.

Unfortunately all third party cases are limited to a connector that just allows you to send power to the phone. That means plugging into your computer doesn't charge the case, audio headphones don't work, and car play won't pass any data from your phone to your car. This is still better than carrying an extra USB cable around, but not as perfect as we'd like it to be. We wish we had some control in this.

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Tech Specs


  • Body - Polycarbonate (PC) and Thermoplastic Urethane Rubber (TPU)
  • Mount Interface - TPSiV and Aluminum Spring Clip
  • Inner Lining - Matte Black PET (Plastic Film)

iPhone 7 Plus / 8 Plus

  • Dimensions - 172.40mm x 84.20mm
  • Thickness - 7.40mm
  • Weight - 149.70g
  • Battery Capacity - 3800 mAh

iPhone 7/8

  • Dimensions - 152.50mm x 73.40mm
  • Thickness - 7.40mm
  • Weight - 109.30g
  • Battery Capacity - 2500 mAh

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