Aquatech EDGE Sony a7SIII Sport Housing - Orange

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Color: Orange

    Dual Safety Clips

    Setting up your housing shouldn't be a drag. The purpose-built safety locking clips allow simple and fast setup and robust protection.

    Moment aquatech 10322 lifestyle loading camera into housing
    Untitled 3 Moment aquatech 10322 lifestyle dual black clip

    Superb Viewfinder Clarity

    The glass eyepiece provides full coverage of the EVF and blocks harsh light, for a clean and clear view.

    Moment aquatech 10322 lifestyle back buttons

    Big On Features, Not Size

    The EDGE is smaller and lighter than the Elite II housing, making moving through the water effortless.

    Moment aquatech 10322 lifestyle women setting up housing on beach

    Additional Information

    • Lens Ports: Compatible with P-Series Lens Ports and Zoom Gears
    • Controls: Menu, C3, Record, Rear Top Dial, AF-ON, AEL, FN, Multi Control Pad (left & right), Rear Control Wheel, Center Button, Playback, Dual Shutter Buttons
    • Construction: Polycarbonate body, stainless steel controls as well as hard anodized aluminum controls
    • Compatible Accessories: M3 Pistol Grip, LUX Flash Housing, SYNC Transmitter Housing, Pro Mount V3, Water Housing Body Cap, Side Handle Mount


    • Dimensions: 200mm X 170mm X 115mm
    • Weight: 1.4kg (3lb)

    What's In The Box

    • EDGE Water Housing for Sony a7siii
    • Cable Release
    • Main Side Handle
    • Palm Stopper Side Handle
    • Instruction Card
    • Camera Setup Tips
    • Tool Kit
    • Silicon Grease