AxisGO 11 Pro / X / XS Water Housing

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AxisGO is an easy-to-use water housing for your iPhone. Capture beautiful images and stunning video with your phone down to depths of 10m/33ft. With full touchscreen access, you can use all your favorite photo apps, then share your images instantly with your friends and family. Designed specifically for the iPhone 11 Pro, this all-new AxisGO design focuses on maximizing the functionality of the iPhone 11 Pro and its 3 rear lenses while making photographing in the water simple and fun.

The clear touchscreen means getting that classic selfie is still possible with the front camera as well. Whether you’re taking photos of the kids in the backyard pool, or swimming out in the biggest surf you can find, the AxisGO protects your iPhone and lets you focus on getting the perfect shot.

Features and Compatibility

  • Compatible With: iPhone 11 Pro / iPhone X / iPhone Xs
  • Waterproof rated up to 10m/33ft
  • Full access to your phone's touchscreen
  • Supports all lenses on the iPhone 11 Pro, including ultra-wide
  • What's included: AxisGO 11 Pro Water Housing, O-Ring Removal Tool, Wrist Lanyard, Silicon O-Ring Grease and Quick Setup Guide