Action X40 v2 Women's Starter Kit (w/ Medium DSLR Core Unit) | Teal

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Action X40 v2 Women's Starter Kit (w/ Medium DSLR Core Unit) | Teal

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    SKU: 520-135

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    Agile, compact, and ready for any challenge.

    The Women's Action X40 is designed for female photographers looking for an agile, fast access and extra compact adventure camera bag. It's an efficient backcountry camera bag built for action in foul weather, ever-changing environments and challenging terrain.

    Designed for women, built for comfort.

    Enjoy the perfect fit with Shimoda's Women's Tech Strap and Adjustable Women's Belt featured in all Women's Series backpacks. Designed to curve away from the chest area, the straps provide comfort, while the smaller size of the belt offers a waist diameter adjustment of 2.4 inches (6cm), ensuring a better fit for women with smaller hips and weight distribution.

    Compact, versatile, and weather-resistant - the ideal companion for non-gripped mirrorless and DSLR cameras.

    With its low-profile design, the X40 comfortably accommodates most non-gripped mirrorless and DSLR cameras (approximately 4.7 inches or 13cm tall) using the included Small Mirrorless Core Unit. The roll-top access allows you to adjust the volume to meet your daily demands. It features multiple attachment straps, including durable TPU compression straps for securing skis, and a removable helmet holder for bike enthusiasts.

    Stay connected, stay hydrated.

    The interchangeable and adjustable shoulder straps of the Action X series come with two zippered pockets for your phone, water bottle, or personal accessories. The X40, along with the X25, X30, and X50, offers side camera access and two removable pouches for tripods or water bottles that can be easily moved to the belt location. Additionally, the bag features padded sleeves for laptops and tablets up to 14 inches, a removable belt, a luggage-handle pass-through, and a hidden AirTag sleeve, making it a stealthy and stylish partner in urban and travel environments.