Action X40 v2 Backpack - Army Green / Bag Only

Action X40 v2 Backpack

    The Action X40 is designed for aggressive photographers with serious gear needs. It's an efficient and fast-access backcountry camera bag, built for action in foul weather, ever-changing environments, and challenging terrain.

    The X40 is designed to carry gripped bodies and will comfortably fit most mirrorless and DSLR cameras (up to 6.7 in or 17cm tall) via our DSLR Core Unit series. Its roll-top access allows users to expand or compress the volume to the demands of the day. It features multiple attachment straps, including TPU compression straps for greater durability when attaching skis, and its removable helmet holder lets users secure mountaineering, ski, or bike helmets to the outside of their pack.

    Action X's interchangeable and adjustable shoulder straps feature two zippered pockets to carry the latest iPhone Pro Max phones, a water bottle, or personal accessories. The Action X25, X30, X40, and X50 feature side camera access and two removable tripod or water bottle pouches that can be moved to the belt location for instant access to key accessories like snacks and lenses, or removed completely to save weight. Two padded sleeves protect laptops and tablets up to 16 inches. Finally, the removable belt, luggage-handle pass-through, and hidden AirTag sleeve make the Action X40 a stealthy and stylish partner in urban and travel environments.

    If you need to carry a gripped camera body and still want a relatively small pack, this is the one for you.

    *This Starter Kit includes an Action X40 Backpack, Medium DSLR Core Unit v2, Helmet Holder, and Rain Cover.

    SKU: 520-130

    Meet the Action X40 v2 Backpack

    The Action X40 is the ultimate companion for adventurous photographers who need reliable gear support. It's a rugged and weather-resistant camera bag that's built to tackle challenging terrains and ever-changing environments, so you can focus on capturing the action.

    Designed to accommodate gripped bodies and a wide range of mirrorless and DSLR cameras (up to 6.7 in or 17cm tall) with Shimoda's DSLR Core Unit series, the X40 offers easy access with its roll-top design. You can effortlessly expand or compress the bag's volume to match your needs for the day. Plus, it comes with multiple attachment straps, including durable TPU compression straps for securely attaching skis. And don't worry about your helmet—there's a removable holder that allows you to safely secure mountaineering, ski, or bike helmets to the outside of your pack.

    With the Action X40 by your side, you're ready to take on any adventure while keeping your gear protected and easily accessible.

    Adjustable Torso Height

    Choose the perfect fit for your adventures with the X40's adjustable torso height. With three height options and approximately 9 cm (3 in) of vertical adjustment, it's designed to accommodate both shorter and taller torsos, providing a custom fit for everyone. And if you have a taller or broader torso, you can even enhance the fit with Shimoda's Booster Kit.

    Core Unit Modular Camera Insert System

    Protect your gear with Shimoda's versatile DSLR Core Units. Designed to offer shockproof protection for Mirrorless and DSLR cameras and lenses, these modular inserts ensure you carry only what you need without any unnecessary padding or weight. The X40 v2 is compatible with Shimoda's Small, Medium, and Large DSLR sizes, and it can also accommodate our shallower Mirrorless series.

    Dual Laptop/Tablet Sleeves

    Stay connected on the go with the X40's convenient laptop and tablet storage. The rear and front panel padded sleeves can comfortably hold laptops up to 16 inches in size. With two sleeves available, you have the flexibility to pack both a tablet and laptop, making it easier to adapt to different packing scenarios.

    Expandable Roll-Top Access

    We've made gear access a breeze with the X40's expandable roll-top design. Adjust the bag's volume to fit your gear needs while maintaining a tight and compact fit. The roll top can expand up to 7 liters, providing extra space when you need it. Plus, the top section features a quick-access YKK SplashGuard® zipper, ensuring fast and easy access to your gear, even in unfavorable weather conditions.

    Hidden Tracking Device Sleeve

    Keep your pack secure with the X40's hidden sleeve for personal tracking devices. Now you can have peace of mind knowing the location of your pack at all times. In case of loss or theft, a tracker can help you locate and recover your gear. The sleeve is designed to accommodate popular devices like AirTag and Tile Pro, giving you an added layer of protection.

    Tech Specs

    Weight:6lb / 2.7kg
    Outside Dimensions11.8W x 20.9H x 7.9D in. 30W x 53H x 20D cm
    Inside Dimensions11.6W x 20.7H x 7.5D in. 29.5W x 52.5H x 19D cm
    Laptop Compartment Dimensions - Combined9.4W x 14.2H x 0.6D in. 24W x 36H x 1.5D cm