Filter Accessories

Mounts, adapters, wrenches can come in super-hand for all those unique and famous filters we carry in the store. Learn more in our filter buying guide.

Learn more about Filter Mounts and Adapters

We started our brand by making camera gear for different smartphones. In the beginning, it was limited to phone cases and camera lenses. However, as we continued to grow, we started expanding the gear we offer with different filters. While coming up with filters was the easier part, we also wanted to use those high-quality filters on top of our phone lenses - and that's when we created the filter mounts and adapters.

Earlier, creators were unable to mount filters on top of their phones, resulting in limited capability for their devices. However, with the different filters that we offer now, many photographers can take advantage of the capabilities of their smartphone cameras.

Today, we offer filter mounts in three main options. One of the options is that which can be mounted on top of our lenses to provide you a complete setup. The second one is where you can easily mount the filters on top of the camera on your device using a clip-style mount. And the third one can be mounted on top of most cases that we offer with a lens mount.

Not only do we offer the filter mounts and adapters, but we have also started offering the lens mount adapters recently. This is all thanks to one of our brand partners - Urth - who makes these amazing Lens Mount Adapters. Let's learn a little more about what we offer.

What is a Filter Mount? Why do we need one?

A filter mount is one of our important offerings that can easily pair with our lenses - or even work individually - depending on the product you select. A filter mount would basically provide you with a filter ring where you can easily mount your lens filters. With different filters, you can achieve different shots on the phone without affecting the image quality.

While our phones are pretty good at capturing the details today, they still lack the flexibility of an actual camera - especially the ability to attach different filters. However, when you use our filter mounts, you can easily attach any of the lens filters to your smartphone. Just keep the compatibility factor of different thread sizes in mind - as we mainly have filter mounts that support 37mm and 67mm filter sizes.

With a filter mount, you can attach the 67mm ND filter to shoot long exposure photography. Also, you can use the same filter mount to attach a CineBloom Diffusion Filter and achieve that dreamy look on your smartphone camera. Not only that, but with the help of these different filters, you will be able to control the camera settings - including the shutter speed - in a better way.

Our filter mounts will provide you with the ability to screw in any of the filters directly and use them with the smartphone. Also, the filter size on a camera lens isn't universal - and can have different sizes. This is when different filter adapter rings would come in handy - as you can screw in a step-up ring on the camera lens and use a bigger size filter.

What is a Lens Mount Adapter? Why are they important?

Alongside the filter mounts and adapters, we also carry lens mount adapters in our store. A lens mount adapter will allow you to attach a lens of a different brand to a camera of another brand. All manufacturers have different lens mounts - which would typically lock in a creator in the ecosystem as the creator would keep on buying a new lens from a particular manufacturer. And if you want to hop from one ecosystem to another, all of your previous lenses would be rendered useless.

This is where the lens mount adapters come in handy. When we want to shift from one mirrorless full-frame camera to another - and when both have different lens mounts, a lens mount adapter will be extremely helpful. With the lens mount adapter, the process of shifting to a different brand becomes easier as you don't need to purchase new lenses again for the new camera. You can continue using the older lens with the lens mount.

When you use a lens mount adapter, you will need to get a suitable mount that can work between the two lens systems - that you are aiming to interchange. Also, you will need to check if the lenses are compatible to be used with that lens mount or not. Once all that is done and the dust is settles, you can start shooting images. While the images might not be perfect, they will surely get the job done.

You might notice a minute performance hit on using lens mount adapters - but it is nothing major - and should still render you perfectly usable images. If you expected images to be the same as an original lens from the same manufacturer, you wouldn't really get that - especially if you pixel peep. However, if you don't pixel peep, you might not even notice the difference.

These lens mount adapters come in at a low price, and given how light they are, they come in extremely handy when we can search for good original lenses while also getting rid of our older lenses slowly. They help us to smoothen the process of changing from one brand to another. So, it is definitely a handy accessory that one needs to keep in mind while making a change.

Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that when you first step into the creative field, you will always have a question about the product before you make a purchase decision. Don't worry, as we are here to provide you with an answer to all of your questions. We have prepared a list of some of the most frequently asked questions about the lens filter adapters. Hopefully, you will be able to find an answer to your question right here.

What filters can I attach over the 67mm Lens Filter Adapter and 67mm Phone Filter Adapter?

As the name suggests, the 67mm Lens Filter Adapter and the 67mm Phone Filter Adapter will be able to take any 67mm filters on it. It doesn't matter if you want to set up ND Filters or Diffusion Filters or just a basic UV Filter. It will take all the types of filters - but they need to have a 67mm filter size. Also, it can take a 67mm filter from any brand, but we recommend ours for the best results.

I have the Moment Case and Lenses. And I want to use a filter on these lenses. Which lens filter adapter do you recommend here?

As you want to use filters on top of your Moment Lenses, you will need to go with the 67mm Lens Filter Mount. With this mount, we also include all the required collars to make it work with our lenses.

You will be able to attach filters to most of our lenses with this adapter - except the Fisheye 14mm Lens. That's mainly since the Fisheye is too wide for the filters, which causes too much vignetting with the filters. Also, as the outer glass element is much more rounded, it ends up pushing the filter further away from the lens element - causing even more undesirable vignetting.

Do you recommend using a step-up ring on top of your 67mm Lens Filter Mount?

The simple answer here would be a straight - No.

When you use a step-up ring on top of our 67mm Lens Filter Mount, it causes the filter to go away from the actual lens. We have noticed that this indeed causes vignetting on the image and the video - which is an undesirable effect. Our lenses would work the best with the 67mm filters - and that too when attached directly to the filter mount.

Can we use different step-up rings with a mirrorless camera?

When you are using a mirrorless camera, you can definitely do this for most lenses.

With most lenses on the mirrorless camera, it is excellent to use a step-up ring for the lens filters. Also, as different lenses have different thread sizes, it is sometimes even recommended to get the biggest filter size possible and use that filter with multiple lenses with the help of a step-up ring.

Is it possible to attach a filter directly to the smartphone?

Yes, it is definitely possible to do that.

Even if we don't sell a case for your device, you can still attach a filter directly to your smartphone. We have made this possible with the help of a clip-on filter adapter. You can find it in our store as a 67mm Phone Filter Mount. Again, on this adapter, it is only recommended to attach a 67mm filter.

I want to attach a filter directly over a Moment Case. Which filter mount should I go for?

If we support your device with a case, you can choose to go with a 37mm Phone Filter Mount. This mount comes with an M-Series Mount system - which is present on our lenses and our cases. So, when you use our case with these filter mounts, they will work magnificently for you.

It is essential to note that these filters won't attach on top of our lenses - and are only meant to work with your phone lenses. These filter mounts are made of Aerospace Grade Stainless Steel material - and not aluminum - so that they can last you for a long time.

What is the typical thread size range for the filters available in your store?

Most filters in our store are available in the thread size range - starting from 37mm and going up to 82mm. However, we also have some available filters in a bigger size - like the 95mm UV + CPL Filter Kit by Gobe.

Can I use step-down rings to attach a filter?

While you can technically do it, it is not recommended to attach a filter on a step-down ring. When you attach a step-down ring on top of your lens or a filter adapter, you are basically reducing the opening for the lens to capture the light. Also, you are putting a smaller-sized adapter over the lens - which would then become a hindrance in the image - and cause vignetting.

So, even though the cost of the step-down rings is minimal, it is not recommended to use step-down rings to attach lens filters.

Do we always need an adapter to mount a filter?

When you will work with mirrorless full-frame cameras and have the exact filter size that would go on the lens, you don't need an adapter to mount any filters.

However, things completely change when we talk about smartphones. If you want to use a filter on top of our smartphones, you will always need an adapter to mount a filter - unless some technology is developed for directly attaching filters to the phone. We have different types of filter mounts in our store to select one based on your needs.

What filters will fit my lens?

To decide what filters would fit your lens, you will need to search for the diameter of your lens - also known as the thread size of the lens - and is indicated by Ø. Right beside that symbol, you will see a number - and that is the filter size you should be looking at while making a purchase decision.

With the filters on top of our Moment Lenses on smartphones, you should likely go with any of the 67mm filters - and that will get the job done.

Wrap Up

Lens Filters are important as they allow a creator to achieve several unique shots. However, to attach them, you might sometimes require lens filter adapters - especially with smartphones. And well, we understand that need - which is why we have them in our store.

While we have tried to answer all the questions about them here, we would still understand if you have any other questions. So, to get an answer to those specific questions, you can always reach out to one of our Gear Guides. They will always be happy to help you out with different queries.