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Add extra support to your camera with handgrips and thumb rests. They'll make all the difference in handling and shooting comfort.

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When you first start shooting with your phone, your main aim is to upgrade to a DSLR or a Mirrorless Camera in the future - to get better image quality for professional work. However, once you get a new camera, you realize that the world of gear begins with the camera - and there are many more accessories that can attach to the camera. One such accessory is the Camera Grip.

Camera Grips are widely used by several photographers and videographers in the creative industry. They have different features that would indeed serve different functions for their compatible cameras. However, one thing that is usually common with a camera grip is that they'll attach through the tripod socket - while providing another tripod socket to mount the tripod.

Investing in different camera grips would sound difficult - especially when you have recently invested in the camera. However, it is a worthy investment - and allow us to explain the importance of the camera grips. We'll learn a lot more about camera grips - after which you will be able to make a better purchase decision.

What is a camera grip?

A camera grip is an essential accessory for your camera that would allow you to have a better grip - especially when you are on a longer shoot. As the name itself suggests here, the camera grips are essentially used to improve the grip on the device.

Most camera grips would attach to the bottom of the camera through the tripod mount. However, there are a few grips like the thumb grip, which would slide onto the camera by using the hot shoe mount. All different types of camera grips would serve different purposes - and you can select one based on what you need for your shooting style.

Most camera grips will also add to the camera's weight, which would indeed make the camera more handy and improve the overall stability due to that. However, if you don't want to add weight, then there are camera leather grips that would serve the purpose for you.

It is also essential to note that the camera grips aren't meant to hinder the usability of the camera itself. This is why the camera's controls - including the shutter button - and access to other compartments - will not be restricted by most camera grips. You can still use and access everything on the camera body - even if you have a grip installed on the device.

Why do you need to get a camera grip?

It doesn't matter if you shoot video or photo - as a camera grip can be helpful in both scenarios. A camera grip isn't definitely meant to have a compact rig - but is rather meant to increase the functionality of the overall setup. We will discuss three important features of camera grips - and if you need to have any one of those functionalities, you should definitely get a camera grip!

Improve Ergonomics

The first - and probably the most important - use case scenario of a camera grip is to improve the overall ergonomics. When a camera grip is attached to the camera body, it adds to the camera's weight - which would indeed improve the ergonomic factor of the camera itself. Sometimes, a camera isn't fun to use because of its shape and size - but well, that is something that the grips can easily fix.

There are quite a few different types of grips available in the market, which would help improve the camera's ergonomics. While a grip adds to the ergonomic factor, it would still not block access the most ports - including the USB Port - which can be used to charge a newer camera model - while continuing to shoot.

Getting Stable Shots

As the grip is already allowed the photographers and videographers to have better ergonomics, it seems a little obvious to know that one can additionally get stable shots with the help of these grips. When you use the grips while creating photos or videos, you will be able to do many more handheld things without having a shaky shot.

While the grips add weight to the overall setup, it even helps achieve more stable shots - and that too handheld. Sure, you can dial in the settings and even use a Bluetooth shutter button while the camera sits on a tripod - but that's not going to help achieve motion blurs - which adds to the realistic feel of the shot. Handheld shots with a camera grip - while being stable - would help you achieve such realistic shots.

Improve Battery Life

If you have a camera battery grip handy in your camera bag, it can literally save your day on shoots - which would go on for a long time in a single stretch. When you attach battery grips to any DSLR or a Mirrorless Camera, you can improve the battery life on those devices - and even likely double it.

Several battery grips available in the market would allow you to insert two batteries into the body - instead of one. As you have two batteries inside the camera, that will basically allow you to have double battery life - which is great for longer single stretch shoots - like shooting an interview.

Frequently Asked Questions

Every new piece of gear comes with more questions. But - it would be best if you didn't worry about those questions - as we have answers to all of them. Here, we will answer some of the most frequently asked questions about camera grips - and that hopefully help you make a better purchase decision.

Do you carry a Canon battery grip in your store?

As of now, we don't carry a Canon Battery Grip in our shop yet.

We are extremely sorry to inform you this - but unfortunately, we don't carry the grips for Canon cameras yet. However, you can easily find several grips for Canon Cameras in the market - including the newer EOS R line-up. An easy search on the Internet will provide you with different options - and once we have them in our shop, you will be able to purchase them right here.

I own a Panasonic GH5. Do you carry a Panasonic battery grip for that camera in your store?

The answer for this is similar to the one for Canon. Unfortunately, we don't have a Panasonic battery grip for the Panasonic GH5 - or any other Panasonic camera. You will need to search for it on the Internet - and you should be able to find one easily. Once we have them in our shop, you will be able to find them here as well.

Do you have a minimal camera case that would act as a grip?

Yes, we have a minimal camera case that doubles as a grip for the camera.

As of now, we have such a setup available only for the Fujifilm XT4. We would love to add similar setups for other cameras in the future as we know how beneficial this can be when we don't want to increase the weight - but still add some grip.

Where do thumb grips usually attach to?

Most of the thumb grips would usually connect to the hot-shoe mount on the cameras. They will slide on, making the attaching process extremely easy while being in the middle of a shoot. You can easily rest your thumb here when you want to get some rest from taking thousands of photographs.

A thumb grip along with a battery grip - can essentially be a killer combo - as you won't show any sign of slow down even after shooting for longer durations.

Are camera hand-grips compatible with all cameras?

The simple answer here would be - No.

Different cameras have different shapes and sizes. So, attaching the same camera hand-grips on different cameras is basically impossible to achieve right now. Also, it isn't even possible to have a single camera grip for all cameras from a single brand. Different Sony cameras have different grips - and the same applies to Nikon, Fujifilm, and Canon.

Would a camera grip increase the weight of the setup?

Yes, it would.

As a grip is an accessory that attaches to the camera - and is an additional piece of gear, it will definitely add to the overall weight of the setup. Different grips would increase the weight differently - but they will still essentially increase it. Half-case grip and the thumb grip would add the least amount of weight, while a battery grip and vertical grip would add the most.

If I attach a camera grip, would it hinder the accessibility of the battery or memory card compartments?

Absolutely - not.

Most camera grips are designed in a way that won't indeed hinder the basic usability of your camera. You will be able to plug in your charging and display cables - and would also be able to swap out batteries and memory cards directly through the grip. Also, with camera grips, you will get increased functionality - especially with a vertical grip - that adds certain controls - including the shutter button - to the other side.

Can a camera grip carry multiple batteries?

A camera grip can definitely carry multiple batteries - but this is certainly not applicable to all.

There are several vertical grips and battery grips available in the market that would allow you to have multiple batteries for your camera. And as your device would have multiple batteries, you can continue shooting for a longer period of time. Ultimately, having multiple batteries will help you achieve extended battery life.

Is a camera hand-grip worth it?

Absolutely - and there's no doubt about this!

The price of the camera hand-grip is minimal when we look at the usability of this accessory. With improved ergonomics, much more stable shots, and improved battery life, the camera grips would help you achieve better results and ship them to your clients. Once your clients see these wonderful results, it can help you achieve better reviews - which will indeed provide you with more work. Now, if that doesn't make camera hand-grips worth it, then what does?

What brands do you carry?

Currently, we carry Fujifilm, GoPro, Leica, Oberweth, and Sony for the camera grips. So, if you need grip equipment from these brands, we got you covered.

Wrap Up

We believe that with all the information we provided here about the camera grips, you can make an informed purchase decision. However, if you still face any issues or have any confusion before the checkout process, you can contact one of our Gear Guides. They'll be right there to help you out - and will also help clear all the doubts you might have.