Offsite - T3 2020

Zoom, Interweb

We held our second remote offsite. They are good, but never as great as hanging in person. It’s been nine months since we have seen each other, which is definitely too long. Because we were on Zoom for this offsite we keep them short to 2.5 days


The first day is just a half-day session. It's a chance to reconnect, reflect on the trimester, and warm up for the next two days.

Team Session #1

Working with our direct teams, we spent a few hours talking about our latest results. Going back our goals we spent time reflecting on...

  • What was your favorite work of the trimester?
  • What was your biggest personal struggle this trimester?
  • What did you appreciate about specific people on your team?
  • Score your goals with notes on “why” you did or didn’t hit each goal.

Each team kept their own notes before we regrouped as a team to review goals and super props.

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The last day of the offsite is always around planning. Teams break apart and dive into setting their goals and planning out their work for the trimester. We then bring all the teams together to roll the goals up into one company wide schedule.

Team Session #8

Before splitting into teams we went through our rolling 12 months plan. Discussing our North Star Plan for Moment to become the marketplace for creatives, followed by our 12 month plan. We still run the company in 12 month intervals, adding a new trimester to the end every time we conclude one.

  • Our North Star Plan is our guiding light for becoming the largest marketplace for creatives.
  • Our 12 month plan takes the next 12 month chunk out of our North Star Plans and breaks down where we need to be a year from now.
  • Aggregating demand is our #1 priority. With demand we can build supply and more successful Moment Offerings.
  • We need to evolve from a "transaction" to a "reoccurring" business over the next 12 months.
  • As we build demand we also need way more pros and brands building on top of us. With a larger catalog we can get more links, which drive more traffic, which grows our business.

Team Session #9

The teams split apart and got to work. These are long days but each team has to get through the following…

  • Finalize team’s initiatives.
  • Create measurable goals with ideas to hit the goals.
  • Updating monday schedules.
  • Update your team journeys.
  • Define your team’s initial Looker dashboard in a google doc.

Once all the teams are done we bring all of the team leads together and go through the schedule item by item. This helps us to align dates, while making sure all of the sub teams understand what is expected with each public launch.
Until next time.