Moment Fujifilm x Peak Design Grant Recipient

Omer Nihad Rafiq

My project is about carrying on the legacy; which, to me, means carrying on the most meaning parts of life. Within these images, I wanted to specifically focus on Kurdistan traditions, clothing styles., and cultural markings such as the 5,000 year old Erbil citadel which is dedicated as one of the oldest heritage sites int he world. I wanted to capture the beauty of the citadel, while transcribing the remaining generation's traditional daily attire. This project is important to me because, I believe, that if I live long enough and go out to the streets, I fear I will not be able to see people in the streets dresses in traditional clothes as much as I see it today. I want to preserve the Kurdish culture and this is my way of doing so.

Usually when I snap photos, it’s the older generation giving life to this tradition, and I wanted to show the importance and beauty of it to my generation. Because I believe in a few decades, if I live long enough, I won’t be able to go outside and see people dressed in traditional clothes.

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