Moment Fujifilm x Peak Design Grant Recipient | Idara Ekpoh

Moment Fujifilm x Peak Design Grant Recipient

Idara Ekpoh

I'm so incredibly excited to be working with Moment and receive their first ever creative grant, especially to keep my creative juices flowing during quarantine. My project, "Home Again", depicts my family being home again — quite literally — for the first time in over 8 years. The first time we've been together under the same roof, outside of holidays and special occasions, since 2012. My father sure does love it, this is probably the happiness he's felt in a long, long while. I wanted to honestly capture the moments between us siblings in ways that were unique and special to us as a family.

“What’s so important is that this is my family, my day-to-day life.

I wanted to focus on how to create a mood from home, instead of trying to create a beautiful set, go on location, or work with models… how do you focus on what already exists?

Finding beauty in our interactions. Something as simple as my brother cutting my other brother’s hair… You tend to overlook the beauty in the interactions you have as a family, and I wanted to be able to capture that.”

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