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A few years ago, all we needed to charge daily was our smartphones. However, as technological advancements took place, we got more smart devices – which were required to be charged frequently as well. As we had to charge so many devices, things can get cluttered easily if we use wired charging for all the devices. This is when wireless charging can help us out.

In the beginning, wireless charging was mainly used to charge smartphones. Later on, smartwatches also started using this technology as people wouldn’t have liked to plug their watches in. Also, with the smaller devices, there are space constraints – which also need to be taken into consideration. This is why the adoption of wireless charging started over a period of time.

With the introduction of so many smart devices, wireless charging also got more popular. Also, in the past few years, several technological advancements took place in the field of wireless charging. These advancements also gave us the ability to charge multiple devices at the same time – by just using a single wireless charging hub.

What is wireless charging?

Wireless charging – also known as inductive charging – is a form of wireless transfer of power. With most consumer devices, the power transfer takes place with the help of copper coils and the magnetic field that is created because of it. The copper coils are used to transfer power from the wireless charging pad to the device that needs to be charged. However, as this is done without the touchpoints being in direct contact, some power is lost due to the heat.

There are a few universally accepted standards for wireless charging. Wireless Power Consortium backed Qi charging is one of the most widely known standards – that has been used in several devices – including the iPhone and a lot of Android flagships. Recently, brands have also started coming up with their proprietary wireless chargers for their respective devices to support higher charging speeds.

Why should you get a wireless charger?

With all the advancements taking place in wireless charging technology, it makes complete sense to try out the wireless chargers right now. And if the technological advancements just aren’t enough, we have a few more reasons why you should be getting a wireless charger on your desk.

Minimal Clutter

As we have several smart devices that need to be charged frequently, the clutter that it might create with having multiple power adapters and charging cables would look pretty bad on the desk. Not only that but the pain of removing them and keeping them aside to make the desk look clean after every charge can be frustrating. This is when a wireless charging hub or a wireless charging station would come in handy.

With a wireless charging station like the Nomad’s Base Station – charging multiple devices can be a seamless experience. Also, that padded leather surface of the charging station would look clean on a desk – instead of clutter charging cables and wall adapters. So, to have minimal clutter on your desk, you should be looking into the wireless charging stations.


While having less clutter on the desk can itself be a purchase decision for some, others might be willing to have a look at other benefits of having a wireless charger. The second – and possibly the most important reason – why you should get a wireless charger – is convenience.

The convenience of just dropping your phone on the wireless charging pad or a wireless charging stand while you are working cannot be matched by wired charging. Also, if you get any calls or if you just want to pick up your device for a while, you don’t have to remove the charging cable and then plug it back in – every time you do that. You can just pick up the phone, use it, and then keep it back once done.

Also, the convenience of charging all the accessories at once is something you will fall in love with – once you start using wireless charging. Drop your device along with the accessories on a wireless charging station at night and wake up with full charge on all – feels like a dream but it isn’t. If you are someone who prefers to have this type of convenience with their gadgets, wireless charging is for you.

Just as fast

While the wired charging still has an advantage with the charging speed, wireless charging technology is slowly catching up. With the latest wireless chargers, one can easily get 10W to 15W of wireless charging on all the smartphones that support it.

However, the brands that are coming up with their proprietary wireless charging have already started reaching 50W and above – for wireless charging. That is insane as some brands don’t support that much power with wired charging as well. Also, for perspective, some laptops can work at 60W of wired charging. So, today's wireless charging technology is just as fast as wired charging – and this will just continue to get better with time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When you are buying a wireless charger for the first time, it’s totally fine to have questions. We will be answering some of the most frequently asked questions here – based on the current industry trends.

Do wireless chargers work on all phones?

In simple words, no.

For wireless charging to work on your phone, you will need to have a copper coil on the back of your device. Also, the back of the device needs to be made of a material that supports inductive charging – which means metal devices can’t have it at all. Also, your device needs to be compatible with the charging standards that the wireless chargers are using - which is usually Qi Wireless Charging.

Can any Android phone be charged wirelessly?

Once again, the answer here is no.

Any android smartphone cannot be charged wirelessly. It needs to have the hardware to make it work. However, most of the flagship devices by Samsung in the recent few years have always come with the support of standard as well as fast wireless charging.

Can I charge multiple devices at once with a wireless charger?


There are certain wireless charging pads available in the market which would allow you to charge multiple phones at once. Also, if you want to charge a single mobile device while also charging another accessory, you can go for a charging station – based on your needs. And hey, with all these charging pads and stations, you will just need a single power adapter and a single cable to power them all – which is sweet.

Is wireless charging better than wired charging?

The answer for this will totally depend on what you are looking for. If you need convenience along with minimal clutter, then wireless charging will be the way to go. However, if you need a quick charge for your phones, you might as well look at the USB cables for fast wired charging.

While some wireless chargers match the power output of the wired charging, the wired charging will still be faster as there’s more loss of power through the heat.

Is wireless charging going to be the future?

We are not here to predict the future. However, with the pace at which these wireless charging standards are advancing, we won’t be surprised if everything – right from the kitchen appliances to the electric vehicles – starts charging wirelessly. Maybe, in the future, we might even see technology that would be able to charge devices at a distance – but nothing can be guaranteed at this point.

Is wireless charging really wireless?

Not really.

Sure, our devices are being charged wirelessly and we aren’t even plugging any cables directly into the device. But a wall adapter and a charging cable are still used to supply power to the dock. So, wireless charging – in its current form – isn’t completely wireless.

Is wireless charging affected by a case?

Wireless charging is usually not affected by a case. While we can’t guarantee the same for cases by other brands, we can definitely confirm that our cases are fully compatible with the Qi wireless chargers.

Apple recently introduced MagSafe Wireless Charging on their iPhone. Do your cases support that?

Absolutely. While all of our cases support the Qi wireless charging standard, we have also introduced MagSafe Compatible cases which will support Apple’s MagSafe. We offer the MagSafe Compatible cases in several colors – for the iPhone 12 Series.

Do you have a MagSafe compatible wireless charging stand?

Yes, we have a Magsafe compatible wireless charging stands by Belkin. There are a couple of options available for that – one is a 2-in-1 charging stand while the other one is a 3-in-1 charging stand. You can select either of them based on your needs.

How much does a wireless charger cost?

A decent fast wireless charger would start around USD 50. However, the prices will vary depending on the features you are looking at. If you want to have a wireless charging pad or station that can charge multiple devices at once, the price will definitely be higher.

Should I invest in a fast wireless charger?

We would definitely say so. If you want to experience the convenience offered by wireless chargers, then you should definitely invest in a good wireless charger. Just select a charger based on your needs – and you should be good to go for a few years.

What brands do you carry?

As of now, we carry Belkin, Courant, and Nomad for the wireless chargers. They offer a variety of chargers that will be enough to fulfill your needs. So, if you want a wireless charger from either of these brands, we got your back.

Wrap Up

If you have a device that supports wireless charging and if you want to experience the convenience that it offers, we recommend you trying a wireless charger. It is something that you might fall in love with once you start using it.

We understand that it might not be an easy choice to select a single wireless charger out of all the choices we offer. Hence, to get personal recommendations based on your needs, you should contact one of our Gear Guides. They will always be ready to help you out.