Screen Protectors

Phone screens will get scratched, this is a fact, so protect your phone! Keep your screen quality and phone protected, our screen protectors are easy to apply and ready for drops, tears, and throws.

Let's Talk About Screen Protectors

The only feeling more satisfying than getting a new iPhone is slowly peeling off the plastic film pressed on the screen the first time taking it out of the box.

As you unbox your new device, you can’t help but think of the endless possibilities your smartphone creates for you -- will you be the next social media sensation? Maybe the Sam Kolder of iPhones?

After daydreaming about how you’ll use your phone on your upcoming creative project, there’s one thought every new iPhone owner has in mind -- What’s the best way to provide protection from scratches and drops for this beautiful, sensitive, and expensive device?

Well, there are two ways, and at Moment, we have solutions for both of them.

The first is ensuring you get a high-quality protective phone case, and the second is applying one of the best iPhone screen protectors of 2021 (and the market) onto the screen as soon as possible.

Here, we’re going to focus on the latter.

Best Screen Protector for iPhone

When choosing the best screen protection for your iPhone, there’s a list of criteria that absolutely must be met to call your purchase money well spent -- anything less is not worth it and you’ll probably see yourself needing to repurchase screen protectors before the first drop.

Before purchasing the best iPhone 11 screen protector (any iPhone screen protector, really) keep these things in mind:

  • Size Options
  • Durability
  • “Smoothness”
  • Compatability

Moment’s easy-installation, lifetime warranty screen protectors meet and exceed the criteria. But let’s learn more about why we have the best iPhone glass screen protector.

iPhone Screen Protector Sizes

Screen protectors are model-specific when it comes to fitting.

In other words, the best iPhone 11 Pro screen protector won’t work like screen protectors for an iPhone 11 Pro Max. That didn’t use to be the case when -- once upon a time, most iPhones were basically all the same form-factor, but not anymore.

For example, there are four different versions of the iPhone 12 in three different sizes.

Pay close attention to this (especially when online shopping) to ensure you select the right size.

The Moment iPhone Screen Protector comes in a range of sizes fitting iPhone 6’s to 11 Pro Max’s.

Durability of Screen Protectors for iPhone

At Moment, we know our customers live for adventure. We know the call for creativity and passion comes from leaving your comfort zone.

Sometimes, that can mean climbing the highest peaks to snap the perfect Instagram photo or squeezing your way through a crowded arena to capture the perfect shot of the stage of the concert you’re attending. In any of these scenarios, there’s always the chance of the unthinkable happening -- your phone slips from your fingers and suffers a hard fall. If you had any ol’ screen protector, you’d be in trouble, but not with our iPhone Screen Protector.

Created with a strengthened ion glass, our heavy-duty screen protectors are not only able to withstand drops, they’re meant to -- from a whopping 6 feet!

Scratch Resistance Screen Protector

It doesn’t make too much sense to get a screen protector that isn’t scratch-resistant. Please, let this be one of the first things to bear in mind when doing your shopping.

Moment’s iPhone screen protectors are built tough, with adventure in mind. Scratch-resistant all the way, baby.

Smooth Glass Screen Protector

Smoothness is a thing. It sounds crazy, but it’s true. Once you place a screen protector on your phone, it’s not going anywhere. Would you rather your fingers effortlessly glide across your keyboard when sending a text or for it to feel grainy to the touch?

No worries, we’ve thought of this and are proud to say we’ve got one of the smoothest screen protector brands ever.

Compatibility With iPhone Features

Last, but certainly not least, the best glass screen protector is compatible with your exact mobile-device and doesn’t disrupt the viewing experience whatsoever. If your iPhone features Face ID then you definitely need a smartphone screen protector that’s Face ID compatible.

The Moment iPhone Screen Protector works perfectly with Face ID.

Same concept for whether you own an iPhone 6 LCD vs an iPhone 12’s OLED -- we’ve got you covered.

At Moment, our screen protectors, phone cases, and even headphones and earbud cases are designed for daily, intense use. It’s easy to see why our branded screen protectors have a near 90% satisfaction rate. Read the reviews and see what customers are saying.

Now you know exactly what to look for in a glass screen protector, let’s recap some of what we’ve learned and answer some common questions that come along with it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best screen protector for iPhone?

The best screen protector for iPhone is one that’s durable & drop-proof, smooth to the touch, compatible with your exact device, and covers you with a lifetime warranty. The Moment iPhone Screen Protector meets this exact criterion and more.

How to remove an iPhone screen protector?

To remove your iPhone screen protector, don’t try to pry or yank it off. Just lift one of the corners and peel the glass slowly from the iPhone. Alternatively, you can wrap a piece of strong tape around your finger (sticky side up), stick it onto a corner, and do the same thing.

How to clean iPhone screen protector?

There are a variety of ways to clean your iPhone screen protector.

  1. You can wipe away particles with a microfiber cloth such as the one that comes with your Moment iPhone Screen Protector.
  2. Use one of the dust removal stickers that come with your Moment iPhone screen protector
  3. If your iPhone is water-resistant, you can simply run your screen protector under slowly running water and quickly dry it.
  4. Gently rub your iPhone screen with a mild rubbing alcohol and distilled water.
  5. If you want to get fancy, you can run your phone under an ultraviolet sanitizer box as well.

How to put screen protector on iPhone?

To put the screen protector on your iPhone, you’ll need a microfiber cloth and at least one dust removal sticker (both included with your purchase), and a little bit of patience.

First, clean off your screen with some water or mild rubbing alcohol and dry off with your microfiber cloth.

Remove any straggling dirt or dust particles with the absorbent sticker and peel on the screen protector starting from one corner while gently working your way down to avoid making any bubbles.

Wrap Up

For those looking for the perfect iPhone screen protector to ensure your phone lasts as long as possible, look no further than Moment’s simple yet resilient screen guard. Designed for creatives by creatives, our top-of-class model has you covered no matter where your adventures may take you (or how clumsy you think you are).

Need any more help? Reach out to one of our Gear Guides and they’ll get you setup with everything you need.