Sarah Kohler

Sarah Kohler

A mixed-race, Chinese-German photographer born and raised in Hong Kong. I specialize in storytelling through visuals that feel approachable & nuanced.

Brands Worked With

  • Google
  • Salomon
  • Nike

Creative Interests

  • Film Photography
  • Food Photography & Videography
  • Editorial & Documentary Coverage

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Sarah Kohler

Sarah Kohler

Sarah Kohler is a mixed-race, Chinese-German photographer born and raised in Hong Kong. She specializes in storytelling through approachable, familiar, and nuanced visuals. Her identity is heavily rooted in her heritage. Chaos is the only way to explain what growing up in Hong Kong was like briefly. In the best way possible. Chaotic survival of identity and culture while being spoiled with the best colors and flavors. The deep, lush greens of an urban jungle and the way the sun diffuses through the city in a haze are what she craves a lot of the time as a photographer. You can often find Sarah collecting stories in the streets or the back of your favorite restaurants, befriending chefs, and learning about how their dishes came to be. Sarah is always curious about understanding the cultural context of why or how ingredients come together. She is naturally drawn to moments encapsulating the human experience—the candid, imperfect, and often humor-filled aspects of everyday life. Her approach remains the same whether it's global flagship campaigns for Google, shooting a run club for Nike, or independent local restaurants. Her lens is heavily rooted in empowering those in front of it as we strive for a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive future.