Polly Irungu

Hi, I'm Polly. Self-taught photographer based in Brooklyn, NY and founder of Black Women Photographers.

Brands Worked With

  • Buzzfeed
  • BBC News
  • CNN
  • Refinery29
  • Washington Post

Creative Interests

  • Photography
  • Community Building
  • Traveling

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Polly Irungu


Multimedia journalist, digital editor, and self-taught photographer Polly Irungu is the founder of Black Women Photographers, a global community and online database of Black women and non-binary photographers.

She was recently invited to The Kelly Clarkson Show to talk about her work to get more Black women photographers hired. As a photographer, Polly’s work has been published in numerous publications, including NPR, BBC News, Refinery29, The Washington Post, BuzzFeed, CNN, HuffPost, OkayPlayer, OkayAfrica, and more.

In 2017, Polly completed a degree in Journalism from the University of Oregon. Born in Nairobi, Kenya, Polly has lived around the world from Nairobi to Topeka, Kansas to Eugene, Oregon to Washington, D.C., to Little Rock, Arkansas, and ultimately to Brooklyn, New York.

Polly Irungu has spoken about Black Women Photographers, building communities, photography, social media, branding, podcasting, media diversity, African media, and journalism as a guest for Ethel’s Club, 2020 HER|visual|STORY Digital Photography Festival, The Loeries Awards - 2020 Creatives Week, AfricaNXT, Twitter Media, NBC News, Art of Freelance, We Are Black Journos, 2020 Palm Springs Photo Festival, The Guardian Nigeria, and more.