Martin Reisch

Hello, i'm Martin. I'm a Montreal based freelance videographer//photographer obsessed with isometric aerial photography.

Creative Interests

  • Aerial Photography
  • Filmmaking
  • Macramé

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Martin Reisch


As someone who’s never been great at writing a bio or an artist statement, this is my chance to tell you that nothing has changed.

I have an extremely specific obsession with vintage hair dryers. I can't stop buying them and it doesn't matter if they don't work.

My greatest accomplishment of the last decade was being a finalist in the 2019 Moment Invitational Film Festival with my short film Sadstronaught II.

Prior to that i had travelled into the U.S using a photo of my Passport on my iPad. I'm currently working on finding a new great thing for the next decade so i can change my pinned tweet.