Robin Ferand

Robin Ferand

I am a French filmmaker & photographer based on Vancouver Island, BC. I produce commercial videos and documentaries as well as imagery, film & digital

Brands Worked With

  • Travel Alberta
  • Var Tourisme
  • EA Sports
  • Vancouver Art Gallery
  • CenturionPro

Creative Interests

  • Wildlife
  • Film Photography
  • Filmmaking

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Robin Ferand

Robin Ferand

Robin Ferrand is an independent filmmaker and photographer based in Vancouver Island, BC. Raised in the snowy mountains of the French Alps, Robin moved to Canada in 2014 to pursue his passion for filmmaking. He spent several years as a full-time videographer at a renowned video production company in Vancouver, BC, where he worked with numerous Canadian and international brands such as EA Sports, PWC, Eminence Organics, the Polygon Art Gallery, and Vancouver Art Gallery. Today, Robin is the proud owner of his own media production company called Robin Ferand Studio Inc., where he collaborates with inspiring brands like Travel Alberta. Over time, Robin has developed a keen interest in conservation, documentary projects, and tourism content. In addition to his professional work, he also shares his knowledge and expertise with aspiring filmmakers and photographers on his YouTube channel, where he provides valuable tips, gear reviews, and other insightful content.