Nathalie Coeln

Nathalie Coeln

Nathalie, full-time science enthusiast with a penchant for photography and creative writing, navigates both logic and creativity with equal fervour.

Brands Worked With

  • Notion Magazine
  • The Roundhouse Blog
  • Communion Music
  • Angèle
  • Jacob Banks

Creative Interests

  • Landscape Photography
  • Cooking
  • Running

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Nathalie Coeln

Nathalie Coeln

After moving around substantially whilst growing up, Nathalie has finally set camp in Cork, Ireland. Where she captures more than just images; her photography encapsulates the very essence and simplicity of nature in its unfiltered authenticity. With an unwavering passion for the great outdoors whether hiking or running, she brings a unique perspective to her craft, attempting to immortalise the beauty of nature and the landscapes around the world in every frame. Her artistic journey is a blend of diverse projects as Nathalie also holds great importance to music. Capturing the vibrant energy of live performances, her lens weaves a narrative that speaks to the heart. Whatever the project she hopes to turn every moment into a memory, one you can relive without having to be there.