Joshua Serdenia

Joshua Serdenia 1

An obsessed organizer, and a sucker for good lighting.

Creative Interests

  • Design
  • Woodworking
  • Music
Joshua Serdenia 1

About Joshua

Joshua was born and raised in Hawaii, and now creating in Washington. Focused his studies on graphic design, and is currently one of his many other hats when not a Gear Guide.

He began his photography journey back in high school and has evolved ever since, from random silly photoshoots for getting well adjusted with a camera to shooting campaigns on instagram.

The editing process has to be Joshua’s favorite part of photography. He loves to experiment with different editing styles to convey emotion behind an image.

When Joshua is not behind the computer screen, catch him soaking up the sun or taking long walks through Home Depot, Lowes, or IKEA seeking ways make life more efficient and organized.