Jack Coyne

Jack is a filmmaker born and raised in New York City.

About Jack

While studying Film and Economics at Wesleyan University, Jack would spend his breaks working for YouTuber Casey Neistat. Upon graduation he began working full time as a studio manager and producer before becoming the first employee of the Social Media company Beme. At Beme he did a bit of everything, typical of many early-stage startups, and at different times served as the Community Lead, Head of Business Operations and as a Product Manager. After Beme was acquired by CNN, he spent a year working as a Host/Producer for the Beme News YouTube channel.

In February 2018 Jack left Beme, launched his YouTube channel and started his own production company. The channel has grew to 200,000 subscribers in the first few months of existence and along with it, he has had the chance to travel to some amazing places around the world and work with incredibly talented people, all while making videos on YouTube.