Ivony Sierra

Gear Guide Ivony

Hola & hello! My name is Ivony Sierra, I am based in South Bend, IN. I'm a visual storyteller with a passion of creating documentary and branding work

Creative Interests

  • Photography
  • Traveling with Family
  • Thrifting

About Ivony

Hey there! My name is Ivony, born in Michigan, but raised 100% BORICUA (Puerto Rican). I am a visual storyteller, creating compelling work through documentary and branding. I am based in a small midwest city that no one really hears much about, South Bend, IN. I give credit to my husband for influencing me to take on and learn to be a photographer. I absolutely love being involved with creating work that shares the most intimate and personal parts of our own stories. Sharing of the human condition we all face in our lives to working with dream clients that truly reflect their brand, the heart behind their why. I also love to talk about how my faith in Christ is the drive of my creative endeavors and how I use it to serve others. Last but not least, I want to be a guide for those who are just in the beginning stages of their creative endeavors(s) and aid them in a direction that makes sense for them.