Elliott Walker

Hi, I'm Elliott, a 19-year-old video director from Southern California.

Brands Worked With

  • DJI
  • Billboard Music Awards
  • Dick Clark Productions
  • Gary Vaynerchuk
  • B&H Photo
  • Vaynermedia

Creative Interests

  • Indie Music
  • Making Videos
  • Star Wars

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Elliott Walker


Elliott Walker is a 19-year-old video director and comedic storyteller with a deep knowledge of culture in the age of the internet. An expert in coaching his clients in creating their voice and launching on TikTok, he has amassed over 150 million views on his projects. Elliott has worked and collaborated directly with Gary Vaynerchuk on his TikTok strategy and editing, bringing his expert TikTok knowledge to VaynerMedia. Elliott also has his own personal TikTok profile with over 400,000 followers.

Starting out on MySpace, Elliott soon became addicted to creating on the internet. Learning Final Cut Pro when he was 11, he started picking up clients and working with brands like DJI and Billboard before even graduating High School. Since, Elliott has been able to work with the likes of Gary Vaynerchuk, Sara Dietschy and others, creating digital content. He currently consults clients on TikTok and building their voice in the digital age. Elliott is currently in post-production for his first narrative television series which he wrote & directed.