Shotgun Microphones

Looking for top-quality audio recording? Look no further than our shotgun microphones! Used and trusted by industry experts, they're the perfect solution for DSLR cameras and mobile phones. Say goodbye to muffled, unclear audio and hello to crisp, clear sound!

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Perfect for capturing high-quality sound from subjects directly in front of them, shotgun mics have become a filmmaker standard and should be part of every great content creator’s repertoire.

At Moment, we have a comprehensive selection of the best mics -- for recording dialogue, foley, and sound effects -- that you can use on your next project, whether it’s a feature-length film or simple vlog.

Regardless of your knowledge or experience level, we have the precise shotgun mics for your creative needs.

Heavy Duty Shotgun Microphones

It’s safe to say that we’ve got a couple of solid filmmakers in the Moment family.

Some of those very same filmmakers personally curate the best microphones to include in our inventory so you can be confident that every product is tried and tested in the most demanding environments.

Let’s jump right in.

VideoMicro Microphone

The VideoMicro Microphone by RØDE is Moment’s flagship and best-selling shotgun mic.

This microphone boasts patronage from creators with under a year of experience creating content to specialists with 10+ years of filmmaking under their belts. The VideoMicro is one of the best shotgun microphones for YouTube creators to multi-media journalists, including ones who are on-the-go, covering breaking news-- anyone who needs to get their message across, crystal clear.

Learn more about professional interviewing techniques with Valentina Vee.

It’s compact and incorporates a high-quality cardioid condenser microphone capsule for amazing quality audio recordings when used with a wide range of cameras.

The VideoMicro Microphone is composed of an all-metal body (so it’s ultra adventure-proof) with no batteries required (making it only 1.5oz despite its metal structure).

As a unidirectional microphone, this Rode shotgun mic sharply reduces peripheral sound, focusing directly on the audio in front of the camera, even being a little more forgiving than some of RØDE’s other on-camera mics, providing a more natural sound when recording indoors.

Included in your VideoMicro Microphone box is a Lyre Shoe Mount, an SC2 - 3.5mm TRS patch cable, and a WS9 Deluxe Wind Shield to ensure unadulterated audio quality. Keep in mind that to connect to your mobile phone, you’ll need to cop the RØDE SC7 patch cable.

Best part? This microphone is extremely affordable and comes with a two-year extended warranty when registered.

VideoMic Pro+

Picture the mic we just described, now put it on steroids. The RØDE VideoMic Pro+ is the newest addition to this best-in-class microphone series.

Compatible with camcorders, DSLR cameras, and portable audio recorders as sources of primary & reference audio, and features the Duel Rycote Lyre suspension system plus a few more upgrades.

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Next up is another creative-favorite brand of mics.

V-Mic D3

We like to describe Deity’s V-Mic D3 as a straight-up workhorse. The on-camera microphone you’ve always needed (and secretly always wanted). Built with a unibody aluminum chassis, this mic can handle anything (or go anywhere) your camera can while producing the exceptionally high sound quality you expect.

The V-Mic D3 is a simple mic, battery-powered and all, yet five-star rated and still compatible with DSLRs, camcorders, smartphones, laptops, etc., right out of the box. Plug this stallion into your device’s 3.5mm jack and instantly harness the power.

In the box is a Rycote Adjustable Shoe Shockmount, a Smart 3.5mm TRRS Coiled Cable, Foam Windscreen for higher audio quality, and your battery off rip so that you can get off to the races right out the gate.

Similar to the RØDE shotgun mic previously mentioned, this tool comes with a two-year warranty + an option to extend it by six months providing you register.

V-Mic D3 Pro

We creators like to use our mental bandwidth to bring our imaginations to life.

Nothing’s more frustrating than spending a significant portion of your work sessions on setting up, connecting, syncing, attaching, or otherwise troubleshooting your tech.

We know how it is, so the V-Mic D3 Pro from Deity “digitally shakes hands with the audio input it’s plugged into.” The less time you’re spending on the trivial, the more you can spend on doing what you do best -- creating.

The D3 Pro works well with your smartphones, tablet, DSLR camera, bodypack transmitters (just about anything with a 3.5mm microphone jack).

When plugged into devices with a stereo microphone input, the V-Mic D3 Pro outputs dual mono tracks. On each side of the dial, the V-Mic D3 Pro features a bump guard that helps prevent the dial from being accidentally rotated. But our favorite feature is the +20dB step-less analog gain adjustment dial.

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Lightweight Shotgun Mics

Most of Moment’s shotgun microphones can be considered “lightweight” since we curate our gear with travel in mind. But here are some of our even more budget-friendly options -- still world-class, though.

Joby Wavo

If you’re feeling thrifty and are simply looking to step up from your iPhone’s internal audio capabilities, the Wavo shotgun mic by Joby is a match made in heaven for you. The Wavo is lightweight, durable enough for daily use, and still packing enough power to isolate unwanted vibrations.

In the Wavo, you’ll find the same unidirectional design, focused on isolating the user’s voice from the rest of the crowd for less than $80.

SmartMic+UC Compact Directional Microphone with USB-C

The Saramonic SmartMic+ UC is an ultra-lightweight and compact microphone that plugs directly into the USB-C port. It’s as basic as you can get while still able to enhance your audio quality to near pro levels.

Don’t get it twisted, this isn’t a Lavalier microphone, this little guy is a whole shotgun mic that excels in focusing on sound coming directly in front of it while rejecting sounds from all other directions.

Benefits include amazing broadcast quality, a headphone jack for real-time monitoring while recording + playback without needing to remove the mic, and a windscreen (no compromising sound isolation/quality here).

If all this talk about audio has you excited, consider enrolling in our Audio Basics With Caleb Wojcik course to start using your shotgun mics like a pro!

Have more questions about shotgun microphones and their use cases? See the FAQ below.


What are shotgun microphones?

Shotgun microphones are unidirectional mics, usually shaped like long tubes (or shotguns, where they get their name), meant to target high-quality audio from the subject directly in front of it.

What is a shotgun microphone used for?

Shotgun microphones are used for high-quality recordings of dialogue, foley, and sound effects. They can be used for films, vlogging, voice-over, interviews, and anytime you need to level-up or focus sound.

What shotgun mic should I buy?

The best shotgun mic to buy depends on your project. For projects demanding the clearest audio quality, we suggest a heavy-duty shotgun mic like the RØDE VideoMic Pro+ Microphone or Deity’s V-Mic D3 Pro. Both are superb mics at great deals.

For less demanding projects that still require highly focused sound, try Moment’s Joby Wavo shotgun mic or Saramonic shotgun mic.

What battery does the RØDE VideoMic Pro take?

Moment’s VideoMic Pro shotgun mic takes either two AA batteries, it can be powered by RØDE LB-1 Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Battery, or you can leave it connected via Mirco USB. An LB-1 Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Battery is included with the purchase of the device from

What is the best shotgun mic for YouTube?

The best shotgun mics for YouTube seamlessly connect the YouTuber with their audience. The mic should focus solely on the content and eliminate outside/background interference as much as possible. The RØDE VideoMicro Microphone is a solid choice for creatives who desire the best quality in a minimal portable frame.

Wrap Up

As a content creator, investing in the proper gear is a requirement if you want to produce your best work to showcase to the world -- that’s true no matter which step of the creative process you’re facing.

At Moment, we have the gear you need from beginning to end -- including the best shotgun microphones for the insolated recording phases of your projects -- with every piece chosen specifically by creatives who think like you. If you need any help at all finding which shotgun mic is right for you, just holler at one of our Gear Guides.