Need studio-grade headphones? We got it. How about wireless headphones with ANC? You're in the right place. We have the perfect headphones for your needs, whether it's for recording a podcast or listening to music while editing your next project.

Run of the mill headphones won’t cut it when you’re grinding away in the studio, scrubbing through hours of audio, piecing together the best takes for your next masterpiece.

In fact, the quality of audio in your videos or tasks may, in part, depend on which over-ear headphones you choose.

The same thoughtfulness applies when selecting wireless earbud cases worthy of trekking everywhere you do.

Whether you’re a longtime filmmaker in need of unadulterated clarity for your sound design, or an audiophile who likes bumping chillhop during morning hikes and need something durable to keep your wireless headphones in, we’ve got the right gear for the job.

Find out how to choose the best headphones and earbud cases for your next creative venture -- no matter what your audio equipment needs are.

Picking Wired Studio Monitoring Headphones

First things first, let’s get some terminology out of the way so we can get to the good stuff.

When selecting studio monitor headphones, there are a couple of things you want to keep in mind. The first is whether they’re circumaural, meaning the cushion of the earcup sits around your ear, or supra-aural, meaning it sits above. A good rule of thumb is that most high-quality studio headphones will be the former.

Next, there are closed-back and open-back headphones. Closed designs keep sound from escaping. Unfortunately, that means they trap pressure inside the headphone, which creates false low frequencies. Not an issue for most but can be less desirable for uber-meticulous listening. Closed-back headphones are perfect for monitoring while recording tracks.

Open designs, however, provide a more accurate frequency balance, with the downside being a slight loss in isolation. Open-back headphones are perfect for mixing tracks.

You can find “semi-open back” headphones, but that’s neither here nor there.

Bottom line, a good pair of circumaural headphones, either closed or open-back, will more than likely accomplish the job with performance to spare.

Because there are nearly as many use cases for headphones as there are types of headphones, a critical part in choosing the right pair for the job is identifying exactly what you want out of them. It becomes a lot easier after that.

Top Quality Studio Monitor Headphones

Since you’re here, we’ll roll the dice and guess that your main concerns are high fidelity & exceptional quality, along with durability and comfort. Every pair of headphones at Moment pass that test.

Our monitor headphones excel in the most demanding hyper-creative environments, including podcasting, DJing, filmmaking, and more.

Take the SRH440 Professional Studio Headphones from Shure, for example. These bad boys are designed for both home and studio recording, reproducing accurate audio across an extended range. Extremely powerful, calibrated for professional audio devices, and comfortable as heck -- the SRH440 Professional Studio Headphones are meant for the perfectionists of the creative world.

Another example is the ATH-M50X Professional Monitor Headphones. As much a Moment & crowd favorite for hearing high-quality audio as the VideoMic Pro+ is for capturing it. These are critically acclaimed cans that produce exceptional clarity throughout an extended frequency range, with deep, accurate bass response. Best of all, they’re insanely comfortable, contouring around the ear -- even great for one-ear listening because of their 90-degree swiveling earcups.

Bottom line, if you’re searching for both audio and design quality in headphones, we got you.

Now, what if you’re all set in the professional headphones department, and you only need something to keep your casual earbuds safe while you’re on the move? Read on.

Picking Wireless Earbud Cases

For the moments few and far between, when we’re not listening to music or catching up on the sickest 4K drone footage by Moment, we put our AirPods back in their case. But what if there was a case for your case?

There are hundreds of different earbud cases out there, but as we like to say: we don’t need every “earbud case,” just the right ones -- so we’re focusing on the best cases for the Apple AirPods and the Google Pixel Buds.

Believe it or not, just like finding the perfect phone case, there are important factors to consider when making this decision. You’ve got to think about aesthetics, durability, and compatibility. Let’s quickly go over what to look for in each.

Aesthetics. One of the first things that come to mind when deciding on a case for any gadget. Your best bet is to go for something trendy yet classic, something you won’t get tired of looking at after a couple of weeks. A simple, high-quality leather is a great option here.

Durability. Simple -- you live an adventurous lifestyle, so you’ll need gear that can keep up. Choose something rugged, built to last, fall resistant, with protective microfiber lining, USA made when possible. Again, leather is solid.

Compatibility. This one’s huge. Choose an earbud case that’s compatible with your earbud’s features like wireless charging. Another cool feature, often overlooked, is one with an integrated light pipe for the LED charging indicator so that you don’t need to open your AirPods case to tell if it’s charged up.

Bottom line, picking earbuds cases is trickier than it looks. But keep these factors in mind, and you can’t go wrong.

Which wireless earbud cases meet all of these requirements and then some? Let’s find out.

Top Quality AirPods and Pixel Buds Cases

Similar to our studio monitor headphones, Moment has a unique selection of the highest-quality earbud cases available, meeting virtually any serious requirement.

The Nomad AirPods and AirPods Pro Cases are a perfect option for those who want a bold, classy look while simultaneously ensuring a rugged design -- drop and scratch protection included. The Pro case is constructed from black Horween leather with a microfiber lining for toughness, yet still 100% compatible with wireless charging + features an Integrated Light Pipe to allow the charging indicator to shine through.

Same deal for the Nomad Pixel Buds Case. USA-made Horween leather, scratch and drop protection, and full compatibility with all of the Pixel Buds’ features. Both versions feature an attachment for a lanyard or a fancy wrist strap included in the box.

Though humble in design (the Nomad earbud cases are relatively low key compared to other skins), there are arguably no better AirPods or Pixel Buds cases on the market.

We covered a ton of information so far. From how to differentiate professional over-ear headphones to what to look for in wireless earbud cases.

But answering questions tends to lead to other questions, so before you stock up on all the gear you need for ultimate productivity, get answers to some of the web’s most frequently asked questions about headphones and earbud cases below!


What are the best headphones?

The best headphones deliver pure and accurate audio, all-day comfort, and are made to last. Studio monitor headphones we love include the ATH-M50X Professional Monitor Headphones, the SRH440 Professional Studio Headphones, the Aonic 50 Premium Wireless Headphones, and the ATH-SR30BTBK Wireless Over-Ear Headphones. But if your selection has the features we talked about in this article, like a circumaural design, you’re already halfway there.

What are the benefits of using headphones?

Technically, wearing headphones is safer than wearing earbuds since earbuds sit very close to your ear canal. Headphones’ position around your ear makes for less natural amplification and tend to block more outside noise, which makes it less likely for us to turn the volume up to dangerous levels.

How do you charge a wireless earbuds case?

To charge your wireless earbuds case, place your earbuds back in the case and the case on the charging pad. Doing this charges both your earbuds and wireless earbuds case simultaneously.

How do I install an earbud case?

To install an earbud case, insert each piece of the leather case onto either side of your wireless earbuds charging case.

Should I get wired or wireless headphones?

Wired headphones tend to have better sound quality, but wireless headphones tend to be more convenient. If you’re planning on using your headphones for professional or creative use, wired may be the way to go. If you’re a casual listener, wireless headphones provide more flexibility.

What are monitor headphones?

Monitor or monitoring headphones are used to monitor and analyze sound. They don’t enhance or boost any parts of the audio quality. Pros use monitor headphones to hear the exact quality of what’s being recorded.

Is it dangerous to wear headphones?

Wearing headphones for too long can be dangerous, as it can expose you to unsafe levels of sound, which may lead to hearing loss. The World Health Organization advises to keep headphone and earbud volume to low levels and limit time spent engaged with them to make listening safe.

Wrap Up

For serious hi-fi fans, choosing the right studio monitor headphones is mandatory; the same goes for selecting earbud cases -- call them a shell for your pearls. We understand that sometimes our projects are only as good as the equipment they’re made on and we know that to live free, we can’t spend time worrying about whether our gadgets are safe.

That’s why our creatives handpick Moment’s selection with creatives like you in mind. If you need help, just get in touch with our Gear Guides! Find the gear you need. Learn from the creatives you love. Only at Moment.