A Letter To Our Friend - "Live Like Vincent"

A visual recap on one of the most ambitious trimester's yet and a letter to our beloved friend, Vincent. May we dedicate the future of Moment to you.

Moment Offsite T3 Recap
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Moment Offsite Recap

And a Letter to Our Dearest Friend

Probed by a small (but mighty) group of extraordinarily hard-working weekend warriors, Moment is fueled by early mornings, cheap coffee, and natural productivity. Every four months, the entire team gathers to a giant cabin in some far-off place for long hours of team building exercises, goal planning, peer reviews, and late night board games. It’s a time for honest reflection and quality time amongst our everyday peers. A seamless connection has fostered within the group that has been proven by our everyday workflow. Honest and open relationships are hard to come by in a business, and seldomly is it done with such poise.

This trimester’s offsite was snuggled amongst the giant wooded PNW trees just outside the Bavarian-style town of Leavenworth, WA. Each morning, the team fuels up on cheap Peet’s coffee to spend the next few hours heads-down on constructive logistics. By the late afternoon, we stuff our bellies with fruit leathers and BBQ chicken sandwiches for a hike amidst a natural wonder; soaking in breathtaking views against sweeping mountains and rocky shores.

We live by the work hard, play hard mentality — equal parts spent seeking mental solitude and communal dips in the lake all while making our workspace an honest place to love. It’s like one giant, super-duper productive summer camp for adults... except here, we’re old enough to drink.

During our final day of the offsite...

We had received news that we had lost a favorite co-worker and friend, Vincent Carabeo (@alohacrabs). Moment will never be the same. Amidst the good food and loud music — we ended the night in bursts of tears, laughter, and even a dance party. He would have been so proud.

Vincent has brought so much life to everything he touched, was a brilliant creative through and through, worked harder than any of us, and non-stop loved on those around him. His positivity drew people in everywhere he was, including the office. What an honor it was to play, work, laugh and share our precious time with one another. Vincent, we’ll miss you dancing behind your laptop, getting sizzlers at off-sites, hustlin' on Slack late at night, and making us all feel important.

You were such a bright light — the rest of us will do all that we can to keep that same infectious, lovable light shining. We are less without you but better because of you.

You are so fiercely loved.