Yeah Field Trip

Collective Festival for Art + Soul + Mind

"I’ve never felt more comfortable to just sit down next to people and start talking; real talking about real things. It didn’t matter if they were at the top of the industry, or if they had just started their business. Everyone was just a person.” ~ James Bitz

Why Field Trip

Field Trip is for weak of heart, the courageous, and the curious. If you're craving to be understood or experiencing the nostalgia of the joy you felt on your field trips as a child, Yeah Field Trip is where you belong.

A conference for the introvert + the extrovert. Field trip is a place to grow your business + your home. They aren't just here for learning, but also for playing. This year, Yeah Field Trip is celebrating its fifth birthday in El Capitan Canyon outside of sunny Santa Barbara, California.

From photography courses to the expansion of the human mind, immerse yourselves into development through hands-on learning until the sun sets, spending our evenings laughing through games, music, and dance. This is where you come home. This is where you are accepted. This is where you feel understood.

This is field trip.

To Know
  • Workshops per year: One (February 22-26, 2018)
  • Photography Level: Basic.
  • Activity Level: Fun with dancing, exploring, and group activities.
  • Duration: 5 Days, 4 nights
  • Cost: $970
Next Field Trip

February 22-26, 2018
El Capitan Canyon, California
$970 per person


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