Moment Travel

We started a travel company.

It's called Moment Travel and we created it to get lost with our cameras. We believe that learning is best done when you’re exploring a place you’ve never been with people you just met.  Photography isn’t just about the technical quality of the image, but the acknowledgement that capturing and sharing moments is important. We hope these trips inspire you to see the world around you in a new way.

We are currently working on 8-10 destinations for 2018, each offering a unique experience in culture, exploration, and photography. The places we are considering include Japan, Norway, Finland, Iceland, the Mediterranean, Alaska, the Pacific Northwest and the Southwest of the US. 

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Alaska 2017

Our inaugural Moment trip to was to Juneau Alaska. A small crew of 10 explored the Juneau area by helicopter, kayak, and foot...creating new friends and unforgettable memories.