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The average Momentist reader is a passionate picture taker who seeks memorable moments in the everyday. They range from inspiring professional photographers who live and breathe photography, to those who are stoked to learn tips for better photos with their phones. Momentist readers look for every opportunity to get the heck out of town and photos are a way to document their accomplishments. We like good photos, but we love good stories even more.


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We’re humbled by your interest in sharing your story and unique perspective on the Momentist. Since inception, we’ve shared hundreds of stories that inspire, inform, and connect readers around the globe. Keep in mind that because of the volume of posts we receive, we can’t publish every story. Here are a few tips to increase your chances of appearing on the Momentist:

1. The best stories are more than a celebration of photography, they encourage people to get out and see the world through their own lens. It is about physical and spiritual journey, the stories behind the photos, and the adventures to get epic shots and the people that have the vision. 

2. The best stories are more than a hero’s journey. Try steering away from journal style writing like “I did this, then this”. While hearing about your experience is great, readers want to be inspired and learn from the depth of your story.

3. The best stories have a clearly defined theme. We have six verticals and sometimes your story may seem to overlap, but at the heart of every post is one clear vertical. Write your story in a way that the entire post drives home your overarching theme and vertical of choice.

Please note that we do work with you to edit your story and title for length, clarity and our own editorial guidelines. This might mean adjusting tone, restructuring the order, grammatical corrections, and more. 

Travel A quest to discover the “next place.” These are photo essays and guides that explore new frontiers—places, landscapes, architecture, cultures, and the bonds established through adventure.


 Where we connect, document, and inspire through moving pictures. These videos stretch the imagination with what can be captured on a phone or stretch the imagination on the journey for a creative.


 Short photo/video recipes that inspire people to improve at the craft of mobile. These focus on a type of mobile photography (ex. wooded landscapes, portraiture, etc) and get as granular as


 Definitive guides on what to buy, the latest news on gear for creatives, in depth pages on devices and other gear, stories about shot on mobile content and how it was made, and chronicles about how Moment products are made.


Thank you for sharing your story.