Socality Photography

Online Workshops
Why Socality

Socality started as an Instagram community in 2014. Over the years, they've hosted multiple live conferences, instameets, and just this year, Socality camp. Like summer camp, but for adults. Across all of their programs, there's a common thread around creating spaces of belonging online and in person and helping people connect with their local and global communities.

In November, they are launching an 8-module course teaching the basics of photography. This course covers everything needed to kickstart your photography journey; from shooting, to editing, to sharing your work online.

To Know
  • Workshops per year: None. Online only.
  • Photography Level: Entry to Advanced.
  • Activity Level: None. Just need internet and a computer. 
  • Duration: As long as you need.
  • Cost: $0.

Next Workshops

Socality is launching a new series of online workshop. Over the years they have hosted hundreds of photography events and are bringing all of those learnings into an online experience...Launching November 2017.


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